On the Edge CCG online?

I wonder if Atlas games would be willing to allow CCGworkshop to create an online version of one of your old ccgs, On the Edge. CCGworkshop would give me the ability to play this game again as I can no longer find local, face-to-face opponents. It would also give this game new life and perhaps lead to more knowledge of and interest in other Atlas games.

Thanks for listening.

In theory, it's a good idea. In practice, it takes time and effort to work out a licensing agreement, and those are limited resources.

I agree with warknight. I have friends I used to play OtE with years ago (it was the only TCG we player in fact), but we're scattered all around the country now. OtE at CCGWorkshop (or any sort of online venue) would keep us engaged as gaming consumers. As it is now, we've drifted almost completely out of the scene.