on the edge ccg

Hi fellas. I was hoping someone could help with a rules question about On the Edge Shadows cards. The ones where the cards say "if pull doesn't equal zero" what pull are the cards talking about? Are the cards talking about the pull of the character (something difficult to modify, making the cards difficult to use) or are the cards talking about active pull (meaning that a resource, or pull, has been activated to use the ability) or are the cards referencing the controlling player's influence score (i.e. is greater than or less than zero) which would be the easiest to make the card usable?

These cards are generally referencing other Conditions, Gear, or Whammies that can cause a Character to have the effect "Pull = 0". This is different from the neutral Pull value of "-". Characters with "Pull = 0" are unable to generate Pull under any circumstance unless the "Pull = 0" effect is removed.

For example, if you've played Inspiration on an Artist character with a Pull value of "-", then they now have 1 total Pull. If later in the game your opponent plays The Skids on your Artist that character can no longer generate Pull. "Pull = 0" effects supersede other Pull modifier effects.

"If pull doesn't equal zero" effects specifically refer to when a Character is targeted by a card that gives the character "Pull = 0" like The Skids or The Squeeze.

Thanks for the info, think I'll have to make a point of finding someone who has a copy.