Once upon a time - 2nd and 3rd edition


Can the 3rd edition expansion packs be combined with the once upon a time 2nd edition and the dark tales expansion?


Sort of.

The cards are physically the same size, so you can shuffle them together; however, they have different backs, so unless you use opaque sleeves, other players can tell if you have a 3rd edition or 2nd edition card in your hand.

I know some cards that were in Dark Tales are now in the 3rd Edition base set. I'm not sure off hand if there may be some cards that were in the 2nd edition or Dark Tales that may have made it into one of the 3rd edition expansions. But it doesn't break the game if you have duplicate or near-duplicate cards in the deck.

Thank you for the info.

I guess being able to see if a player has 2nd or 3rd edition cards isn't so bad. There are a lot of cards so you still don't know much. And in time I could upgrade my base game to 3rd edition.