Once Upon a Time Expansions

Are there any planned new expansions for Once Upon a Time? I see BoardGameGeek lists Seafaring Tales for August this year (2013) -- are there plans to make others? Also, are there any plans to re-release some of the older expansions? I have Dark Tales particularly in mind; my group was requesting things like Dark Tales, without even knowing that it existed.

Seafaring Tales has just gone to press, so it'll be arriving at the Atlas warehouse in August. You can read more about it at http://www.atlas-games.com/product_tables/AG1033.php.

There are a number of other expansions in the works for Once Upon A Time 3rd Edition, and we'll announce them on the Atlas blog as they come along. We won't be redoing Dark Tales, though, because many of the Dark Tales cards from 2nd Edition were actually incorporated into the new 3rd Edition base game. It's just one of the things that make 3rd Edition so great! :slight_smile: