Once Upon a Time - Future Expansions?

Picked up Once Upon a Time this past weekend at Pax East 2015, so excited to play and I picked up the Seafaring Tales, Knightly Tales, and Enchanting Tales expansions as well. The vendor at the booth did a wonderful job explaining how the game works, admitted he was an avid fan himself and it just solidified my decision that yes, I am going to love this game.

My only thoughts are... is there going to be more expansions in the future and if so, how would I f ind out? Do you post stuff like that on Twitter or just your main webpage? I have the 3rd edition and from a bit of research, you said that it doesn't need the Dark Tales expansion since most of the cards were incorporated. Is that still true? Any future evil expansions coming our way?

Sorry for the silly questions - new fan that wants to not miss out on anything! :smiley:

Hi! Thanks for picking up OUAT over the weekend.

There are indeed more third edition expansions in the works. We're not quite ready to announce what they are, although it won't be too long. You can probably look for at least one announcement before the end of Spring, and another before the end of the year.

The three best places to get news about what's coming up for Atlas are our blog on the front page of atlas-games.com, our Twitter feed (we're @atlasgames), and our newsletter (sign up at atlas-games.com/newsletter-signup), where you can elect to be notified about just the games you're interested in.

If you happen to know who the vendor was, we'd love to know, so we can send along our thanks for doing such a good job talking about our stuff.

Thanks again!