[Once Upon a Time] Third Edition Card Icons?

I just bought the third edition of the game and it's a nice improvement over the 2nd edition. Before I get to my question I do want to point out that the ending cards should have used an easily discernable back color/art. They blend in with the normal cards too much but that's a minor concern.

I bought the core game and both expansions. However, we noticed last night in play that each card has what we believe is a 'set' icon but there are four distinct icons and just the main game and the two expansions. I can find no explanation for these icons in any directions. Can anyone shed light on these?

Hi there. In designing the core Once Upon a Time 3rd Edition game we organized the three decks around general themes, so that if we ever did an expansion that horribly clashed with one we could just add directions to remove that deck from play. You'll notice that even the endings in each deck relate to its theme in a general way. The three icons are:

Deck A: Nobility (wealth/urban/combat/imprisonment)
Deck B: Commoners (poverty/countryside/social)
Deck C: Outsiders (nonhuman/wicked/faraway/travel)

Hope that helps!