Ongoing spells and target size changes

This question came up in regards to a shapeshifting magus.

Assume the magus has cast Gift of the Bear's Fortitude on himself, and then shapeshifts into a bear (Size +2) using a MuCo(An) spell, does he still benefit from the soak bonus or does it no longer apply since his size has changed beyond the base target size for MuCo spells (Size +1)?

This extends to the design of the MuCo(An) spell itself: Does a spell to shapeshift into a bear require an extra size magnitude to account for the size of the intended form (as it would no longer apply after your size increases)?

Following through, this would mean that a spell like Preternatural Growth and Shrinking (MuCo 15) would not work on an individual who is Size +1 to begin with, as it would increase its size past the base size limit?

Or is the target size only relevant for the initial target? Would Gift of the Bear's Fortitude work on someone already shapeshifted into a bear via a MuCo(An) spell because their base nature (or the relevant target for Corpus) is a human of Size +0?

Thanks in advance!

Yes, an extra magnitude is required to cover for the Size increase.
It's included in that spell though.

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Not as far as I can tell. It merely includes an extra magnitude to allow for both growth and shrinking, no size magnitudes.


The base individual for Corpus is up to +1, so the spell covers a Size 0 or less guy increasing in size by 1 to a maximum of +1. If you are already 1 it can't make you larger, but it can shrink you. A single extra magnitude for Size lets it give anyone up to Size 3 a 1 point increase in Size because it can now handle up to Size 4


Sightly unrelated, since it's about non-living materials: