Online saga

Greetings everybody!

I'm dying to try out Ars Magica, but there is absolutely no one to play with. Would anyone be interested in playing online with Fantasy Grounds 2?

Online Saga, you say? How does Fantasy Grounds 2 do, exactly? :question:


We probably wouldn't be able to use the rule features of FG, but if a decent character sheet was created, perhaps it would do. Worth a try, anyway

I might be interested--I take it FG is some sort of online game-table? A lot for me would depend on times and days of gaming....

:sigh: where were you a month ago?

No, sadly I can't afford the time right now.

Yair, who just had to cancel his ongoing online saga for lack of players.

Fantasy Grounds looks cool, but is costly. I personally use OpenRPG, which is free and has ars-magica dice as an add-on to boot. It is much less pretty and I'm sure FF has many more features, though.

I am thinking of writing some Ars Magica stuff (like the compulsory character sheet, for example) for Fantasy Grounds to make it more suitable. I need to know if anyone is interested, though. No sense in developping useless modules.

I will express some interest, but my time is highly constrained, so I'm probably a bad player.