only one Shape and Material bonus for Lesser Enchantments?

The only place that compound items (items with multiple shape and material bonuses) are mentioned is in the discussion on Preparation for Enchantment (main book, p97). Are Lesser Enchantments legal subjects for compound items?

I had always thought so, but a closer reading directed by an ST indicated that I was incorrect. Was this just a faulty assumption on my part?

I don't believe so, since a lesser enchantment needs to be done in a season and a compound item needs to first be opened and that takes a season. Compound items would appear to be the realm of invested items.


On a related topic,

Do you require the shape and material bonus to be equal to or less than the Magic Theory of the creator?

For instance, in the core rules, it mentions a bone wand providing a +4 bonus due to the shape and another +4 due to the material, but since the creator has a MT of 4, they receive the benefit of only one bonus.

What if that MT was 5? Would you give a partial benefit? I'm not seeing anything that would clarify it in the core or HoH:MC, but it wouldn't be the first time I'd misread a section.


I've always read that (from the core book) as the minimum of your Magic Theory and the total shape/material bonus. So yes, with MT 5 you'd get the +5 bonus in your example.

Same here.You do not get the fullbenefit, but you get some^ benefit out of the F&E bonuses. If you could reach +8 but can only get a +6 (MT6) this is exactly what you get :slight_smile:


Where - other than the above mentioned example - does it state that shape and material bonuses are capped by Magic Theory? It would pretty much defeat the purpose of such materials as red coral (+10 vs. demons).

I can't find anything in the corresponding sections. Help?

ArM5 p99, 2nd bullet on the right.

And not really, it means expensive material are only needed by experts. HoH Conscientia+15 has 8+2 MT, but I think magi younger than 50 years won't need red coral.

ArM05 , page 99: Instilling the Effect , 2nd bullet point

For a +10 bonus , you need Affinity (Magic Theory) and Puissant (Magic Theory) as the quickest path , afaik.
Anyway , you think thats a gyp.
Guardians of the Forest has the S&M bonus for various Trees on page 33.
Oak is +07 protection from storms.

However , this is still capped by Magic Theory.
I had thought , that a living tree , being far less portable as an enchanted item ,
would have enough restrictions to allow the full bonus.
As you could shrink the tree , and carry it in a pot and replant it in fertile soil at full size as needed ,
not quite so restrictive.

The usual (cop-out) answer is: It's a Mystery! :stuck_out_tongue:
Should you want to somehow incorporate a bonus higher than your MT score.
Or discover a Hermetic Breakthrough.

I can name atleast one PC who has MT 10+ (before puissant) or will have this before long.
Also please remember that you only really need 9, because the specialty counts.