ooc chapter 6

I'd be open to another player.

I will also move my last post to a new thread to keep it separate from the activity in Trier. Missed the original directions on that. Sorry. (And as my schedule has been busy, I am not worried about a slow post rate...)

Another player is fine by me. Game feels small right now.

2 yes to a new player = majority.

Opinions, anyone? If no one says anything otherwise, Lynchessa will agree to buy all the books.

Bueller? Bueller? Anyone?

If left to her discretion, Lynchessa is going to pass on these.

Input? If left to her discretion, Lynchessa will purchase these.

JM, it is not clear to me from the last post whether you, as SG, are trying to discourage me from trying to use David as a future resource, or if this is just the dice and his reaction to her subterfuges. Could you please point me (the player) in a particular direction to direct my character's RP?

I (JM) found the idea of negotiating to things at the same time confusing, so I assumed it would be the same for David.

Are we stuck, and if yes, why?

Stuck due to work stuff ...

I've had a really crappy two weeks. i'll try to post more this week.

I was waiting for other players to give input on the above post while I was on the road.

Having waited a sufficient time for input, I'll just make decisions about all of that on my own. If anybody chimes in on the purchases, we can retro-edit.

JM --
What role-playing are you expecting in Speyer and the other cities? Do you want to play out the encounters that gather covenfolk and the shopping? Or is this more of a chance to explore some interesting sights along the way? Personally, I don't particularly enjoy scenes that are just for shopping (for supplies or grogs), and would prefer the exploration, but if you intend the shopping to lead to something interesting, I can go with it.

I'm not too fond of ic shopping either (but in this case it was important, because some of this stuff could have become extremely important).

So we could jump to a scene set at the stone where the Waldstein path leads to the covenant (set at the end of this season) and simply assume you got a few craftsmen and hired swords (plus building materials, writing materials).

You can either write a list of the stuff you get, or I'll simply tell you how much you had to spend and assume you have common sense equipment.

Well, I'll set up a chapter 7, for the beginning of the next season. You can either roleplay out the Speyer season shopping, or add 4xp to relevant skills (bargaining, area lore etc) and move on.

amul asked:

a) about 100 miles/150km
b) The site at Waldstein is much more easily reached by using the Rhine. There are trading places everywhere on the Rhine and the cities of Cologne (biggest in Germany in 1220, archbishop) and Mainz (archbishop) can be reached by boat from a place some 25km away from the Waldstein site (which is about a day from the next Rhine shipping stop)

Hrm, okay, so then she probably wouldn't want to set up any venditore/purchasing connections in Trier, unless it was to take advantage of in-roads already established. But rather than try to ret'con, I'll just stick as close as possible to the original plan and then correct things moving forward.

Lynchessa needs to stay in Trier for the season, to collect grogs, and search for more covenant loot (I mean, "resources"). Originally, she hoped to simply stay in the covenant under the wine shop, but David said no, and as we're in Chapter 7 already, I'd rather not push the RP angles for Chapter 6.

Can she buy a house near David's shop for 1p or less? Find some other form of lodging that keeps her out of trouble?

As previously stated, her goals are as follows:

In summary,

  1. Acquire Specialist/Craftsmen (via Master Dombauer?), possibly with disabilities or other misfortune, possibly with families. She's looking for any cost-saving craftsman (Covenants, pg 66) with high skills. Hopefully, she can find higher skill levels since the people she's hiring would be unsuitable for mundane work, but can thrive with magical assistance.
  2. Acquire a stonemason and/or silversmith as a Forge Companion. If she can't find one, then find a child young enough to take on as an apprentice smith/mason.
  3. acquire mundane texts on local geography and lore
  4. Using book, locate covenant resources.

It seems like Lynchessa will still have Albirich all season, so we could conceivably divide that up so Albirich does 1-3, and Lynchessa does 4. If that is the case, then Lynchessa could spend the season studying the book and using it to locate Treverorum resources (possibly including vis and vis sources?)

Will the magic item with the stone hand be packed up and moved before it reaches its final point?

Edit: Perhaps Lynchessa acquires a shield grog during this season as well?
Edit, 2: Nevermind, I just figured out that Lynchessa has basically co-opted Rabanus's grog.

Feel free to create a shield grog. If he/she gets killed, create a new name for it (or a new one).

Can somebody else play Albirich?

Lynchessa is fresh out of Gauntlet, and was pretty much kept locked in the lab for most of her childhood. She has no idea how to staff a house, and it wouldn't occur to her to do so in the first place. She also has little understanding of what mundane things cost (Faerie Upbringing, but also a moderate Bargain score....not sure how to play that).

She'd probably first try to buy the biggest mansion she could find, discover she can't afford it, and then go to the other extreme and buy the cheapest hovel around. Unless someone suggests otherwise.

I can pick up Albirich.

Thanks for picking him up

A few concept for specialists we might find in Trier:

A Lame Stone Mason, or Carpenter, who broke his leg during an accident on the cathedral project here in Trier. Master Dombauer introduces him to us, as he can no longer employ the man.

A Failed Master (C&G pg 52) blacksmith, whose Ability Block (Social) meant that no matter how skilled at his craft he was, he could never run his own business successfully. His
young daughter would make an excellent silversmith if the Guilds allowed women, or were willing to overlook her father's failures (appropriate virtues). The wife/mother had been running the business, but is now suffering a prolonged illness that has left the family destitute.

A group of hot-headed young Jews, with no wilderness skills, eager for the chance to live as equals among the covenfolk. The rabbi who joins them is not only more clear sighted, but is an able teacher familiar with the ways of the land, and versed in unexpected lore.

One or more criminals, who were either Branded or lost a hand to justice. My original thought was a small handful, known personally to our mundane friends (Dombauer, David, Amelie, the maid we hire to serve the house in Trier) who has reason to truly believe they are worth a second chance. However, maybe Carolinus met a small band of starving brigands, and somehow won them over to our cause? These would be honest folk led astray, driven by circumstance, not hardened amoral sociopaths. Or at least, not all of them.

Companion concept : a Shapeshifter boy who was raised by wolves is discovered shortly after arriving at the covenant. He's possessed of innate fighting skill, and possibly speaks Animal Ken, but no human language. He adopts the covenant grogs and wishes to join every expedition beyond the borders he's known. He probably has some hidden destiny, or maybe a Death Prophecy.

OOC: I have no idea if Second Sight lets me hear ghosts as well as see them. I'm assuming that she could see him because of her roll. By RAW, she can see "naturally invisible things" on an Ease Factor 9. I figured that included ghosts, though her die pool is such that she's got a 50% chance, I think, on any given roll.

Oooh. JM, look what followed us home! Can we keep them? Pretty please? :smiley:

Seriously, Amul, I like your ideas. Can I a couple more?

A young Benedictine monk who served as cook in his monastery, but found his talent in this area far beyond what the other monks were willing to enjoy. The more religious saw him as inciting the sin of gluttony; the cook's view is that he is sharing the bounty of creation with others. He might have the personality trait arrogant, which precipitated his expulsion from the monastery. He could also have some skill as a scribe.

A middle-aged man who claims to have been a member of Rheinstein Covenant. He was actually an apprentice there, but suffered an injury when the covenant fell, and is now a Failed Apprentice. (okay, I've been reading that thread in the forums. :slight_smile: ) He longs for the life he was going to lead, and sees these magi as an opportunity, if not to become a magus, as least to live among them. He would bring along his family.

It seems that between Amelie in Trier and Carolinus in the other cities, this might be a reasonable starting covenant. I think the rabbi might make an interesting companion, if someone wanted to develop him. Chances are Carolinus would be more likely to try to win over some starving peasants turned brigands, rather than any branded criminals, especially if one of the peasants was a pretty girl.