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amul: meeting the other is 5.5.

you can study scribe as long as you want to, but the offer only remains valid as loing as Murion remains primus of the house. So studying it is a gamble.

How often does the position typically change over?

Sorry, overextended by work at the moment. I need to catch myself up on the developments. in the meantime, Carolinus is happy recruiting covenfolk.

Primus of Bonisagus is a position for life. So unless Murion dies of old age, does somethging really outrageous or dies because the story takes that course, she may yet live for another 50-70 years.

don't worry. I'll play out the other scene (those travelling to Trier), and you come back when you find the time.

it is going to take me a little while to get back in the groove of this character. Please excuse my slow posting speed.

filia means daughter of - is this an inspired way of roleplaying Latin 4? :laughing:

opps. posting to fast at work.

We can copy 6 + profession:scribe levels of a summae in a season. Any modifiers? If we don't have profession:scribe, we can only get 6 levels per season (unless making a fast copy), right? (Sorry if the question seems basic, been playing a 4th ed saga lately... )

Your specialty matters, which depends onone of your teachers (a normal monk can't help you specialise in Summae on magical arts).

The only specialties I've noticed on the forums have been: carefully, quickly, correspondences. Not sure whether there is a game mechanic advantage to the last. (And this isn't something I've made a study of, so it's entirely possible people have other specialties)

Well, you'll all get your chance at scribing, but it is my firm belief that the best way to start playing this game is by playing it, which is why I am going to assume you arrive at the Jew's shop in a day(RL time) or so unless you insist.

Hmmm... It appears that Honorus and Lynchessa are in Trier to unearth materials and recruit covenfolk. Carolinus had been planning on recruiting as well. Was he supposed to be with the Trier group, or go somewhere else? I've lost track of the plans...

The other group (Waldstein) consists of two storyguide characters.
I was under the impression that you had some busy times ahead, so I hadn't planned for you to join any thread that was played out. You can still join the other PCs thread, or recruit elsewhere - in your own thread. If you join the other thread, find some reason why the others got a headstart (like trying to recruit a blacksmith who refused). If you have your own thread, you can post at your own leisure - but it'd be a wee bit more complicated for me to manage.

I had completely missed that Honorus was planning to go to Trier as well when I made my plans. So I say....be independent! Have Carolinus go whereever he thinks the covenfolk he wants to recruit will be.

Lynchessa, for example, will be looking at two groups whom the covenant has an in-road with at Trier: Jews (persecuted families tend to look for places where they'll be valued) and injured specialists from the cathedral project (families no longer able to support themselves because the income-provider is no longer capable of working on the cathedral).

So, the question is, what sort of covenfolk does Carolinus want, and where might he get them?

Although, honestly, the whole plan is a bit mucked up right now, with the shift in players. Given that next season, we need to be negotiating with other covenants to gain there favor, it'd do us well to actually have things to barter with -- things like tradeable books. Otherwise, we really only have votes to offer, which is a bit tricky when we have to get approval from one magi of every covenant. With every magi acquiring covenfolk this season (except Hildegard, who is actually building us a covenant, IIRC), then that will certainly settle the question of mundane resources -- possibly a bit too quickly. I'm just not sure how valuable those will be during Tribunal politicking.

Scanning the OOC Building thread for pertinent data...

That is possibly no longer accurate. It's just the most recent I found from that thread.

(I think this means that Hildegard can write a Creo L5Q15 herself already. o.O )

Lynchessa can build down instead of up, and for no vis. I suspect that Honorus also has the arts needed to do that, though jebrick seems to want a Tower. If we go down instead of up, then I vote for a Rego summa rather than a Terram one (although with Honorus and Lynchessa as both Terram-focused magi....). Also, going down suggests looking into mining. (Can't remember if I've suggested that already)

There's some back-and-forth between Jebrick and Gozer about the wisdom of forestry as an income source, and its impact on local fae attitudes. While I don't personally have a preference, it seems obvious that Lynchessa, as Elder Gild, will want to avoid timber as an income source, as well (neatly taking up Gozer's stance). Instead, she'd suggest attempting to create a self-sufficient commune that can last long enough to properly explore the forest for potential income.

Honorus was planning on going to Trier to get the stuff in the old Covenant. That Lynchessa is traveling along for recruiting is just fine. I do not mind the help exploring the old Covenant for more. Then I can continue the Magical Mystery tour of Rhine Covenants and Lynchessa can do what she wants.

Any/Everybody can control the grogs.

I'll be heading on another road trip, and will be semi-afk until Feb 20th. If you happen to be attending Capricon (Feb 10th weekend, Chicago, IL) or Wicked Faire (Feb 17th weekend, Somerset, NJ) you should come find me!

Thanks for telling us, amul.

Another player is interested in joining: Opinions?