OOC: Character Creation

My magus is Breton who has a thing for the Arthurian legend. The whole Arthurian literature is in French I am afraid. This was a gift from his Parens. I am not doing it to be contrary, its historically more apt and its tied to his story :S

So far from what I gleaned from Lion and Lily and Loch Legan books: South Britain transitions from Old English to Anglo-Norman, Whales has Celtic: Welsh, Cornwall has Celtic: Cornish, those are related to Celtic: Breton. Further north is Anglo-Saxon. Way North is Gaelic: Scottish related to Gaelic: Irish. Thats the Highlands language, but in lowlands they have a Scottish mix of Saxon, Gaelic and Norman, as a bridge language of sorts. Then there is Viking speaking parts, Norse language in the isles and some parts of Caithnes. Pictish is a dead language, and some communities speak Flemish. Latin is used by clergy in the south, but in the Highlands services are done in Gaelic. Written systems are two: Latin and Ogham (the later one rarely).
Take the above with a grain of salt, I am no historian, nor do I live there >_<

Trust me living here does not help at all, everything is English with varying degrees of regional accent - lol.


Marko Markoko has done a lot of work trimming the Languages down. He's pretty good.

If anyone has the Lion and the Lilly and can copy the dialects so Emelric can copy off and sticky it in a collection of house rules, it would be cool.

I'm burnt out or I would.


Occitan (Catalan, Limousin, Auvergnat, Provencal, Gascon) (Marco has Lanuedoc, Navarrese too)
French (Orleanais, Bourguignon, Poitevin, Norman, Picard, Waloon, Champenois, Lorrain)
Low German (Frisian, Flemish)

Same language but different Dialect: -1 to both speakers
French - Occitan: -2
Breton - Cornish: -1
Breton - Welsh: -2
French(Norman) - Anglo-Norman : -1
Low German - English: -3 (-2 if Frisian)

Also from Thebes, Romaic Greek - Clasical Greek: -2 and Latin - Italian, Vlach: -3

PS I hope I am not infringing on a copyright here :S

If anything I'm sure Marko Markoko will be proud his legacy lives. Light of Andorra lasted almost a decade.

The -2 from Vernacular to Classic Greek makes me want to make a Greek import.

My guy is probably not going to read Latin. Ireland's monastic colleges aren't doing very well from my understanding, but bardic schools doing well.

So, just to double check, this https://forum.atlas-games.com/t/familiars-from-the-start/246/1
Is unplayable as well?

I updated Bran. Switched house to Ex Miscellanea and picked up Good Teacher, some Communication and teaching. Art of Memory if that is ok. I'm thinking the character is from an oral tradition and will over time be academically oriented, writing books etc. His goal is to master Ignem and it's utility, but in the short term make a name for himself.

I'd still prefer Aella if possible, but Bran will be fun and quirky if not.

So a posh English character who speaks Anglo-Norman, will need a score of 5 to be able to read the book in French (effectively a score of 4 in French)?

Bye the bye, I found an article in Oxford Dictonaries which says that the Old-English/Anglo-Saxon period ends about 1150, so in the 13th century we are into Middle English. I should stop referring to it as Saxon, and just write English :slight_smile:


I was inclined to agree with you, in the sense that I did not think it possible to learn Parma from a book. Now, this is probably a legacy from 3ed/4ed which distinguished clearly between knowledges, which could be learnt from reading, and skills and talents, which I think could not.

ArM5 has a clear reference which must imply that Parma books are possible, on page 166 which states the conditions for copying such books.

I am not dead against bending the rules, but I don't think it should be done easily. The decision is still with Emelric.

I think a Parma Magica book comes with a major security risk in game that should be taken in consideration by whomever brings it.

It is just a straight ref call for me. My character does not know what it is anyway as he can't read it so he would have no issue arriving with it. However 35 build points is a lot and we could spend them elsewhere very easily.

Question emelric, if Magus Bran is not being played and T Riffix Rex is playing his companion can we have his 60 build points and 10 vis split between the other Magi? If not can he still make his picks and have his companion give them to the covenant via story (found them, stole them, got paid them etc)


The other option would be join with another magus and bring said build points with. I just can't get anything approved, if I could get a magus approved I'd play it.

Just play with rules from the main rules, the three house books and the covenants books and you will get approval. Elemric has made clear it is his first campaign and wants to limit to these volumes. Anything else is off limits, at least for the start. We have had one house rule agreement re the Flexible Formulsic Magic call re increased size with extra levels that was easy to get agreement. I would rather have you with us as a magus rather than steal your build points everyday of the week. :smiley:

I'm still waiting on rulings for

1: Faerie Blood or Mythic Blood variation for Flame Dancer
If that is nixed
2: The proposed solution for Reynard
If there is none
3: a suggested character that will be approved

Had I asked, the answer on flexible formulaic would have been no.

What really happened to the Reynard idea? The only objection I noticed was that the fox is too small for the lycanthrope flaw, but what happened to the alternative with greater malediction? Can't greater malediction be tuned into something enjoyable within the rules; keeping the involuntary fox?

Yes, but said rules are in RoP:M. It was vetoed with no suggestion or ruling. Pretty much a unilateral No for all character ideas and suggestions. I haven't talked to him in over a week.

They where not vetoed by Emelric but critiqued by other players. Only the storyteller can decide if it is OK or not and you did not wait for his opinion before withdrawing characters. Pick which one you want that only uses the above books and then wait for his comments, which as far as I can see have been reasonable and considered.

I'm not trying to pout here, btw. I'm just burnt out on the arguing and rejection. If the troupe has issues, then what is the troupe's suggested solution? There are none, so I'm not able to play the characters. My frustration has been that it's me and my suggestions, not the characters. If it were the characters, then I would assume feedback about solutions. I've never met a troupe that would rather throw Story ideas in the garbage without trying, but that's where we are.

I have other character ideas. However the moment I get excited and start fleshing them out I get reminded I shouldn't because it will just be rejected. So I made Bran and he was the only one not approved the same night everyone else was. I can take a hint.

I haven't heard from him. Just the post about infighting.

I haven't posed in the Covenant design thread for a reason.