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Did you find our Perfecti, raccoon, or are we still searching? :smiley:

Welcome back @raccoonmask . You didn't miss much. LOL

No Perfecti in Athens, I'm afraid.

I just had a nasty-ass minmaxing munchkin revelation: what if Lares were to invent a Year-duration ritual Maintaining the Demanding Spell? He could offset the vis costs of the ritual by expending long-term fatigue using his Imbued with the Spirit of Vim virtue.


While Imbued with the Spirit of Form is a pretty good munchkin Virtue (Vim and Corpus being probably the strongest), that particular scenario sounds pretty bad.

You probably want to avoid the 600+ concentration rolls necessary to do it.

(Maintaining the Demanding Spell requires you to target an existing spell, so you'll have to cast the first spell, then start doing a Ritual spell. It also explicitly calls for a stress die, so you can botch.)


Right you are, didn't realize that! It's only a difficulty 6 concentration roll, though.

Let me see... Year duration (+4) adds 3 magnitudes to the +1 diameter duration of the base spell, meaning that the ritual-level effect could only affect spells of at least 3 magnitudes lower. That in itself makes it fairly expensive.

If the level of the spell to be affected were 5, the ritual would have to be level 20. It takes 15 minutes per magnitude to cast a ritual, so an hour. Concentration must be rolled every 2 minutes, so 30 rolls.

A very high botch chance, in other words, and I think rituals always have a stress die, so there's no getting around it either.

Well, can't say I'm particularly unhappy about that conclusion :stuck_out_tongue:

I suppose you could plausibly cast your moon duration maintaining the demanding spell prior to attempt the ritual to maintain it for year. That being said, while I suppose obviating the vis cost of ritual with your virtue is nice, you'd need a fairly high level effect. How many year duration spells do you expect to need?

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Now that you put it like that, it isn't quite as strong as I thought. And of course, the spells subject to this wouldn't have the benefit of Boundary etc.