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There are a great many rooftops.

Silveroak, would you consider that the classical education of a magi trained in Artes Liberales and Latin to be enough exposure to classic mythology to identify the odd similarities between a virgin Faerie called Artemis that has a silver bow and hunting dogs, and the Faerie goddess Artemis?

Yes, though without a point if faerie lore that similarity is likely to produce more confusion than anything else- is this a faerie queen pretending to be the goddess or a faerie goddess who has fallen this far, etc.

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@raccoonmask Plasmatoris is such a useful and focused companion to have arround. :joy:

Honeslty, if we had more people with Faerie Lore...

Plasmatoris has Free Expression and the ability to conjure temporary art with his talisman.

I'm teasing you. It makes me laugh every time you post to highlight how Plasmatoris isn't paying attention to what's going on.

He's paying attention to more important things than words and statements: The color and lighting.

The holidays plus a Christmas Cold have kept me rather out of it the last few days, and I forgot to check in here. I'll be posting later after work.

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@silveroak Malachi may be one of your best NPCs yet! Well done! I'm chuckling at the "grumpy magus" synopsis.

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Note the latest errata's reviewed description of Elemental Magic, which clarifies how it impacts character creation. This is likely to be of interest to our resident Flambeau @dzoonooqua, who is owed experience points, I believe.

I will take a look. I had not yet realized a new errata had been released.

Everything ok with everyone? Seems that things have gone silent. Anyone need help to jumpstart the europe thread?

I don't have anything else to post for now unless @silveroak interacts with me with Magvillus NPCs and/or @Lothindil posts after talking to me and Plasmatoris.

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I am still around and interested. Reading the posts, but I have not had much to say (yet)


Hang on a second, I need to get more popcorn. This next act is shaping up to be a good one!

Doesn't our knowledge of Latin give us some level of understanding of all the Italian dialects?

They would all be at -3 from Latin as well. I only looked up Veneto-Istriot because I assumed it would be closer.

Allright. It bears saying it here. The Spring Journey to Europe quest started in June 2022. We're in March 2023. I'm purposefully avoiding interacting with Malachi, as he gets on my nerves, for the most part. And I'm not frankly motivated to make lenghty interactions with random mundanes every time we land somewhere. We're extremely far from our goal, and at this point, I'm concerned we'll still be in Spring 1290 looking for our Perfecti in Provence sometime in 2024. Just putting it out there. I wish we could fast-forward the details and focus on the investigation.


I'm sorry for any part I have to make it slow down. As things got slower and slower, I got worse about checking up on the thread - I sometimes miss a day or two because I don't expect anything to change or progress here.

We are having lots of 'travel' interaction that can be fun in a more active (In person or voice) game, but on a slower posting game makes things take much longer to progress. I admit I stopped expecting this game to progress significantly before we even went onto this adventure (Probably around the time Argentius died.)

As far as Malachi, he's a classic 'crazy faerie child', so I can see why you don't like him.


Given that I am not a covenant member, there is even less for me to do. I am patient and I do read the posts -- though I often miss days.

In other words, I agree w/ @temprobe that we are going a bit slow, but I was not sure whether that was just the nature of the PbP.