OOC Chatter 2

Sabbath will be an issue sooner than I thought, then!

Couldn't the council meeting be a longish discussion and merit a new separate thread?
Also, sundown is the key for sabbath. Of course, there may be life and death issues at steak...

I'm sure it will be when it gets ready to start (just like the first one was)...it's just that I'm already juggling like four simultaneous non-linear storylines and am not ready to start the follow-up meeting when there's still a couple of things unresolved that would make a difference. Such as whether Cygna decides to take Cersei's old sanctum, what they find when they go to talk to the refugees (if they get around to it), and if the news Abdul has for Raoudha makes it to the magi's ears.

Claudia might be a good choice as you suggested, if she's not doing anything, and would know 1) about the council meeting and 2) know why the other magi and maga are indisposed. I came into the merchant thread because it was amul's suggestion. Any answers to Ra'am's questions can't get resolved until the council thread, anyway. Could give Claudia something to do, too.

Guess it'll be up to Hiems, then... :-/

Btw, after some talk with Jonathan, I'm happy to present you Ra'am of Bonisagus! :smiley:

Wetpaint doesn't work very well at the moment, but I'll add them whenever I can.

Now, does someone have another character for me?

Let's do it here, and any other loose ends there can be wrapped up in 2.1 Prelude thread for Ra'am. I came in to the merchant thread at amul's suggestion and it was a good way to bring some continuity to story threads...

Agreed. Ready (mostly) when you are, then.

So, warned through Raoudha's offices, Hiems will make an appearance (he's trying real hard), who else?

I would assume that, as had been done when the other magi appeared, that the staff would have gone to Claudia to either deal with them herself or gotten Jaime, since he's probably where they're not allowed to go without an armed escort.

p.s. sorry about the uncharacteristic silence lately...it's been a busy week, what with my dad deciding whether or not he wants to know if he has prostate cancer (he's decided he doesn't) and trying to get things arranged so that my fiancée can come over, on top of still trying to get settled into the new house. Hopefully things will settle down some this week.

Here's to hoping your dad has the slow growing variety of prostate cancer.

Thank you. Unfortunately, he's got so much other stuff (heart and lungs and circulation all pretty much shot) going wrong that, as his gp put it, "If you have prostate cancer, so what? One of the other things will probably get you long before the cancer does." (rough paraphrase)

Posted on the Ra'am thread...I'll try to post more this evening when I get back from Dad's urologist visit.

I'm in no rush, taking care of your family, fiancée and yourself is more important than anything.

Should I speed up the explorations of the sanctum, then? Will Cygna be attempting any more grapevine interactions before the meeting?

You started the tart thread, and I still don't understand why :slight_smile: So, that one is your fault.

While Raoudha is cross with the magi for not "doing something already" about the refugees, the magi's choice to postpone that until their personal gear and servants are settled seems perfectly likely behavior. Plus, Amos's posting has slowed, and we had put him in charge of that, and other stuff that I wanted done before the next council meeting (vis source research, contract/negotiation research).

Yeah, raoudha is handling a lot of things at once, and would have handled the refugees, too, if the magi hadn't decided to check. So she's all "what are they waiting for???"

Peregrine: Ouch :-/ :frowning: Pretty hard times there.
And no worry, your posting if perfecly okay for me: Multiply that by the number of players and it can become quite hard to follow.

And is no-one interested for me to do other characters through HM3? Maybe fati? Maria? Or Peregrine, do you want me to do a v3 of Cygna? (For once I have a little time and am motivated by this :laughing: )

I would like it if you could, but I don't want to leave Chico behind either. (being underemployed means I've way too much free time and not enough that I feel like doing :frowning: )

God, no...she needs a cigarette after her last grapevine interaction! :smiley:

Pure rp. I wanted her to start a little personal tradition of providing snacks for the meetings (and an excuse to use her Baking ability)...and since she doesn't have a sanctum/cottage with an oven, she had to use the Cijaran oven. Plus, she wanted to make as many as she did so that she could share with the humiliores, try to get them to not see the magi as their enemy, so to speak.

I would have no real objection to getting that started, except for the fact that I don't know how long it's going to take us to explore three sancta. I'm thinking it will probably happen on Saturday (the day after the next "impromptu" meeting, if I'm understanding correctly).

Counting the days... This gotta be the slowest saga ever :laughing:

No, it's faster than you think it is...

So it's like 6 months ahead of schedule... :laughing:

Soooo...I was checking looking something up in Ra'am's backstory, and was reminded of a question I've had every time I've read it. Not a character-specific question. More of a Peripheral Code.

Seems like you have at least two Bonisagi magi laying claim to him (Tria and Prospero). The question that occurred to me was: can a Bonisagus poach another Bonisagus's apprentice, especially if the apprentice was already poached? Or would that run afoul of the first Bonisagus's rightful claim under the Code?

And if so, how many times can an apprentice be poached? I'm just envisioning a long-term scenario where an apprentice gets bounced back and forth between Bonisagus A and Bonisagus B, each one reasserting their respective claim to another's apprentice every season.

I'm assuming that there would be something in the Peripheral Code about it, but don't recall seeing anything in any of the books off the top of my head.

Or maybe this is a better question for the main Ars board strokes chin thoughtfully

...Why yes, Azura's sigil DOES manifest on Seven-League Stride just like Nightcrawler's BAMF. Don't you judge me.

A fair reading suggested that a Bonisagi could poach from a Trianomae, but I didn't see anything explicitly allowing it. No, I always had a back door in that story. Prospero had purchased Ra'am's apprenticeship from Tria, they had negotiated through correspondence and Ra'am was completing the last task she needed him to do before turning him over to Prospero. He had a family, and despite her apparent heartlessness in the scene where Prospero asserted ownership over Tria, she does have a heart. She just doesn't show it. She's all about the work...getting Bonisagi to produce and share their research. After I finished the backstory, I coudn't find a way to slip it in as efforlessly as I had hoped when I realized it wasn't there.

As far as Bonisagus magi poaching from each other, I'd have to go back and reread it. I have a feeling the house would take a dim view of it.

AFAICT the Bonisagus swear their clause about sharing knowledge instead of the clause about "I will surrender to Bonisagus..." so while a very good magus could forcibly take the apprentice from another Bonisagus, the original Boni has never sworn anything about voluntarily giving up apprentices so would be well within his rights to reclaim his property from the poacher.