OOC Chatter 2

The old chatter thread was getting huge. Imagine if somebody said something important and we needed to find it again later.

Just saw this while looking for Serrano's info to add to the wiki.

The primary advantage of Obsidian Portal from WetPaint, from an ASG perspective, is that each page has an for-ASG-eyes-only section, and the map options.

That said, I have no intention of trying to move all our data over to Obsidian Portal. Still, worth looking into for your next game, imho.

Do it! Especially now that she's got a non-local backstory.

Oh, gods. I just realized you said Labor Day and not Memorial Day. (And that I'm stuck in American Holidays as a reference point). I do NOT want the current "chapter" to last until September! I hope the current conversation ends by, at most, the end of the March. I have, as far as I know, exhausted Jaime's dialogue tree, but PCs usually surprise me.

Once it does, we'll get into the "Spring 1213" chapter, where the characters will:

  • explore the covenant
  • establish sanctums
  • have a Proper Council Meeting to discuss the state of the covenant, etc, after the magi have familiarized themselves with the state of things
  • engage in the Spring Vis source stories
  • various plots will step forward
  • magi and companions will have the opportunity to pro-actively begin their own plots
  • season-long activities will happen
  • villagers will act out their loyalty scores

And dammit, if you guys keep asking these perfectly reasonable questions about his capacities, I'm going to have to sit down and actually stat out Jaime. Which would be easy, except that he's supposed to be a gauntlet-plus-50 archmagus combat monkey, and I've never even BEEN in a ArM combat before.

Just saw the update on the Library.

All I can say is, Q12 Tractati on Lockhart Lore? Awesome! :laughing:

Was it this game or the other that I gave my example of Gilderoy Lockhart summae? :smiley:

Again, this was from a previous tabletop game we played in, but she introduced summae from "Gilderoy Lockehart, Fae Specialist and Magus Extraordinaire!". He wrote a FAERIE lore summae "Introduction to the Mystical Lands of the Mound: My trip Through the Overhill" (right, not fae, but faerie!) of Quality 30 Level... 2.

I had originally planned on having him be a throw-away joke, but last night he suddenly became a much more pivotal figure in the story. I think you'll all be quite pleased.

See, that felt wrong to me when I wrote them like that. What I wanted was books which people would read over and over again. But given the math in both Main and Covenants, the only way to get a low quality, high level summa, would be for him to be a bad communicator, and then he wouldn't be able to write books quickly.

But then I realized that what I really wanted to do was model his fans more than him, and I remembered initiation scripts which include adopting flaws. Flaws like "Obsessed with Reading Lockhart's Books."

~grumble~ I still can't find anything like a decent floor plan for Casa-Palacio de Cijara. I just keep finding hotels.

no, seriously, I love research challenges. Might take a couple of days, but I'll see if I can't track down something either for Casa-Palacio itself, or something similar from the same time frame.


Oh, and just so you know, I think we're pretty much waiting on Cygna to respond next, since Serrano and Servus are still MIA, and Viscaria is essentially an NPC at this point.

Finally added my 100 Build Points, sorry it took so long. I'll update the wiki.

Can we PLEASE not get into an editing war over the Library? Can we just decide here on the forum whether the spells should be alphabetical by title or sorted by Form/Tech? And pick just one way to handle the Summae and Tractii?

Edit: Though, I am tempted to try to organize the tractii and Lab Texts into compendiums, what with the scriptorium and all....

:laughing: Sorry, didn't realize you already had a system. I've always sorted by Form, then Technique, then Spell Level, then Alphabetically. I'll stop messing up your order. :smiley: :laughing:

You're the one who has to go digging through it on a constant basis, not me. And you're the Storyteller, hahaha. I guess just let us know so when we add anything we don't mess it up (like I have the past two times. :blush: )

I mean, ideally, I'd create a spreadsheet so we could sort by column, but the wiki definitely doesn't have that capacity.

Maybe the book was damaged, or badly translated from another language :wink: These can decrease quality.

This is IMO the best way, but YMMV

Create a spreadsheet, upload it to the wiki.
People'll probably have to download it every time but, well...

Same thing. Order by technique and form, save as html, upload as a page to the wiki. Order by name, do the same thing.

You can send me the spreadsheet if you want and I'll to the rest.

I count that as two votes for Form/Tech/Lvl/Alpha.

Meh. I'd rather we spent more time playing than mucking with character sheets. Spend the time playing a grog plotting against the vile scholars who've invaded their vineyard, or something. :giggle:

It's actually easier for me to find a spell that I'm looking for alphabetically. If I'm simply browsing for a new spell to learn, I'd go by Technique/Form, but I'm actually looking for specific spells way more often than not.

(edited because I sometimes have a habit of replying before I've read the whole thread/checked all my emails & notifications, and had not seen the several edits to the Library Page. Frankly, I agree that we should agree on one method or the other and stay with it, whether it's alphabetical or by Form-Technique-Level. Iirc, I just alphabetized the list because, at the time, I thought it looked like it was mostly alphabetical already and had a few out of place. I didn't mean to cause a scene, and I apologize)

I should mention , a week after my family funeral , that my flatmates father died last night.
There will be real life distractions continuing for a short while.

Ouch. My deepest sympathies, once again.

Dude... :open_mouth: :frowning: you take whatever time you need, man. If my roommate/flatmate had that kind of tragedy, you guys wouldn't see me for a while, either, especially that close after my own.

Ctrl+F is your friend when searching a specific spell by name :wink:

Wow, that's a bad week, if any :frowning:
How do you fare?
Chico is right, take the time. We're happy to have you around here, but take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Is everyone on the same page about what's going on with languages in Iberia?

As I understand it,

I'm assuming Castillian is spoken in Castille, which is where we are. Catalan to the east, Portuguese to the west.