OOC Chatter 2

Thirded. Take your time, get stuff sorted out; we're not going anywhere.

I think so.

absent for a month or so

~pouts~ Fine! But I expect to see cute baby pictures!


Now that we've started playing, my questions about population stuff from before takes on a new perspective.

If we think of Cijara as several distinct villages (Dockside, the 3 temples, and the central village) supporting the local noble lord (the manorhouse & regio), then the population of the villages producing our Wealthy income don't really matter. We might argue that we still need to calculate their loyalty scores, and but we're really just using them as the population base which produces the income that gets taxed.

In this case, we only count the Cijara Manor and Phoenix Manor occupants for the income stuff. Those are our grogs, specialists who we are keeping on retainer because we value their skills so much, and the nobles (companions and magi).

There's actual a small section in the sidebar which more or less explicitly states this - "When calculating a covenant's sum of [Points of Inhabitants], do not include characters of independent means who pay for their own upkeep, nor any characters who work for one of the covenant's sources of income."

Phew! That feels much more manageable.

Missed this before.

An Armarius (I misspelled itbefore) is a book closet, a bit like a vanity or a bookshelf with doors, iirc. I first learned the word in ArM, actually.

Personally I think that last sentence is crap. The Dewey Decimal System gets invented about 200 years after they "discover" shelving books vertically. Magi don't get to shelf books in some special secret manner. You can fit about 20 books in a Armarii.

Okay, I'm pretty sure "divine might strippers" doesn't mean what I thought it meant the first time I saw it :laughing:

Amul, I have a problem with wetpaint. I uploaded some pictures by error, but can't suppress them, although I should be able to (the button just doesn't show up). Do you think you can you do something about it?

Yup, I understood the same :smiley:

Oh yes!!! Me too!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


BTW, Rival Magic p46 states that many magi have written parma books, although, yes, it's a rather dumb idea. So for those wondering, it's official now :smiley:

You wanted some deleted? Which ones, I can do it right quick, it looks like.

Why can't I??? :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

This one:
arm5phoenix.wetpaint.com/photo/1 ... of+Mercere
and this one:
arm5phoenix.wetpaint.com/photo/1 ... Ex+Tremere

Thanks! :smiley:

Done. Looks like the problem was that your access level was still set at "Registered User" and not "Moderator" (sorry about that).

I've gone through now and set everyone at "Moderator" (or higher). Still looks like we're missing people on the Wiki, though. Everyone here should be on the "Members" page if they've joined.

I've got:
Amulphotos = Amul (Alpha Storyguide, Viscaria)
Bonisagus = JeanMichelle (Servus)
me (Cygna) Ravenscroft1488 (Serrano), and chicoazian (Constantine Amos) have the same, or virtually identical, usernames here and on the Wiki
The Fixer = Heims, but I'm not seeing you on the Members list there.

Hopefully that fixes any problems of access. At Moderator level, I think the only think you can't do is edit or delete someone else's profile...which, really, nobody has any business doing anyway :slight_smile:

Thanks! :smiley:

That way, I'll be able to correct my own future mistakes ^^

Sorry - been slammed a lot more than usual the past few days at work - I've got Abdul (Grog) written up, and still trying to write up his response - just haven't had time to post. Will hopefully be able to either late today or after work Friday evening.

Added the Covenant Charter to the wiki. Basically transcribed the charter from the Covenants book, and added the stuff that Amul said was different or had been added to our charter.

Wasn't sure where to put the members' "signatures" (I'm thinking between the "Oath of Covenant" and "Membership," where it says "Given under our hand." I also put some xxxx for places I didn't know (namely, the date that the charter was done, and the authorizing Quaesitor's name).

It's amazing the lengths I will go to to avoid working on stuff sometimes.

Just a heads-up, my net-access and book-access will be greatly curtailed starting on Thursday, until the end of April. I'll be checking in on the forums primarily from my phone.

In general, my travel season will be greatly affecting my net-access over the summer, so expect much shorter posts from me.

Given the few RP posts lately and my soon-to-be-diminished net access for the rest of the month, I am going to move the story forward in a few days to the first Council meeting.

If anybody is waiting on me for a response to something, please nudge me.

I was just waiting to see if Celestria and whatever maid (or Rebecca) she has in tow finds Maria or somebody else? (If it's Maria, that works, because I have this conversation in my head between Maria and whomever about the situation that would drag Celestria's Infamy over the channel).

Also as to whether Cygna's two-buildings-connected-by-breezeway idea would fly, and if so if that's doable here.

If not, she's going to have to either settle for one of the existing buildings to settle into or have one built for her by...someone.

And (as an aside) - if Cygna's able to memorize the route going from the Left Side to the Right (roll of 7 + Int 4 + Art of Memory 1 =12), will that work going the other way, or will she have to use a locus for each direction?

Other than that, still waiting for Maria's dealing with Captain Abdul (and probably Terrence, if we want to have shield grogs do tdy under him when they're not busy protecting their magi)

Hiems grogs weren't doing anything special.
Hiems is still in limbo waiting for serrano to answer him.

Sorry , you should have reminded me sooner.
It isn't just me being lazy , i do have a serious heart condition that affects me.

Oh :frowning:

And no problem, I just thought you were occupied otherwise. I'm barely holding on myself :wink: