OOC Chatter: Anything goes!

(I could wear black robes under yellow robes, and PeIm the yellow robe.
Did he say if the color had to be on the inside or the outside? I might try to scape by with a black robe with a yellow inner lining. Or a yellow robe undera black cloak.

((No, it's explicit that provisional members cannot be seen wearing anything but the provisional members' yellow robes... phrased as such to account for naked Bjornaer. So technically if you blind everyone in the covenant then you can wear whatever you want, but you'd have a lot of other problems then.))

That seems to be the preferable option. But now seeing how it is phrased, it apprears to be legal to remain totally invisible at all times.

Yes, you can be totally invisible at all times (other than when in your sanctum). But if you physically maim all the covenfolk, Valten will get himself killed promptly.

Understood.I apologize.

Also understood :smiley:

Where is Valten right now in all of this? His primary concern (for the moment) is gaining access to a lab so that he can enchant a cloak so as to conform with the memership rules. But there is other stuff going on he hasn't been really paying attention to (as I thought it did not concern the character).

Well, at breakfast the other magi decided to start doing some legwork before investigating the laboratories. Attravere and Erro went off to talk to Maribus' familiar, while Rhodri is resting, and Maruska went off to try and procure provisional membership. Haven't heard from Bearlord or Gremlin44 in a while, so I'm not sure what's going on with either their characters or their players. If neither of the players show up in the next week, then we'll say the two Jerbitons fell madly in love and eloped.

So Valten can be cooling his heels wherever you like. What do you propose for your cloak enchantment?

Two ideas...
One that would make me invisible, which may be difficult since he inherited Deficient Imaginem from Philippius.
The other idea is to make my cloak a Talisman, and invest it with a power similar to "Maintain the Demanding Spell", as to work in cunjunction with the invisibility spell he already knows. The enchantment would maintain a Concentration spell (such as my lesser invisibility), yet will have a Duration of Concentration as well and the item maintains Concentration. It would have to be as a talisman, so that it will count as me sustaining a spell I have cast.
It might work as a lesser item though, as the target spell is of such a low level. But if it isn't a talisman, it then counts as sustaining a spell cast by another.

If Valten is invisible all the time, he can meet the requirement of never beeing seen in anything other than yellow robes.

Hey folks-- do you want to make another attempt at the labs at the top of the tower, or leave it alone?

Rhodri will be happy to investigate any of the labs. He doesn't really have a preference. He's also likely to want to build his own lab using the spell in the library. That creates a grand enough structure there would surely be room for another lab or two besides his. His preference is to attempt anything difficult on the following day, when he's a little less tired.


Attravere would certainly like to make another attempt at the tower labs now that we have an Elementalist with us.

Erro just wants to see everyone settled in. The tower labs have to be dealt with at some point. Might as well be now.

I say leave it alone for now. But if others wanna have a crack at it anyway, Valten will be there to pick up the broken pieces. :smiling_imp:

Likewise, Tabanus' main concern is getting everyone settled in. He supported exploring the abandoned labs because he felt that would be conductive to his goal. Since that no longer appears to be the case, he has no immediate goals except perhaps to be taught some Etiquette prior to his upcoming sales trip...

Getting a provisional membership is Maruska's current concern. Accepted or not, she was summoned here to help the members gain access to the Elementarit's old lab. Since she is not a member, she will just wait for instructions, but is ready to help, whatever the plan.

Leona's lab has already been secured by Erro, right? If so, then we can proceed to Aisling's and Justinius', since they stand right next to each other.

Which one should we go through first? I say Aisling's, since we have already seen what awaits us. Perhaps we can come up with a plan this time. Maruska may not be able to deal with the elementals, especially since they appear to be very powerful.

Guys, I have to bow out of this one. Time constraints and extra work and holidays and such.
I am also burned out. I am in the process of shutting down my own game (or at least putting it on hiatus).

Do hope that the work and such curb down for you.

Then I will be broke and homeless. That will not be good.

Erf. That sucks. Okay, hope that you get offered a job that pays triple your current wage and requires half the work. Yes, that will do.

Hehe. What Kui said :slight_smile:

Good luck Mark! Stay in touch.