OOC Chatter: Anything goes!


Sally suggested that if I'd like, I might play Lamentus as he joins you in Chapter Two--but if it seems uncomfortable for me to be jumping in with a 147-year-old NPC, I'm sure that he can lose interest in a heartbeat. :slight_smile:


Did you come up with the SATOR-AREPO bit? I thought that was good.

Did we ever decide about our turb?

The covenant has a complement of 25 Welsh archers, five Tremere soldates personally loyal to Justinius, a turb captain retired from active duty who now works primarily as a trainer, and a handful of other people's shield grogs. Aislinn's shield grog is a female drunken Scottish berserker. Justinius's shield grog is the leader of the small Tremere turb. Leona's shield grog is an aging knight who spends most of his time writing songs about his lost love (not so secretly the maga herself). Maribus never took a new shield grog after his last one died (of old age).

Oh, forgot about the living magi :slight_smile: Liliana's shield grog is a sneaky goblin who gives everyone the creeps. Lamentus' shield grog is whomever Ced wants it to be.

If it makes sense for your character already to have a shield grog, feel free to build it. If you don't get out much or if you're a loner, might not make much sense.

If Erro wants his pack beta as a shield drog (tee hee) feel free to stat one out at, say, 10 Might.

Ah, OK. That would be likely for Rhodri. I'll get to work.


Another thing Rhodri should keep in mind-- Stonehenge has a number of events that coincide with the tribunals (this is basically a stunt to try and get more people to come to tribunals, as Stonehenge has traditionally had a lot of trouble meeting quorum). One of those events is a regional Verditius contest. You've only got until summer 1222 to prepare!

And Rhodri doesn't have a lab yet. It's going to take most of that time just to get a lab set up. I figure he's out until the next competition. But he will be in attendance.


It's thought to be an actual magical formula from the ancient world; the oldest known version was carved on a floor in Pompeii.



I will take you up on that. I'll get it stat'd

I have to start a road trip on Thursday, and I'll be out of pocket until December--so I'm thinking that the mission to the Baron's castle may slip Lamentus' mind.

Have fun--I'll be back!


Hey. What's a girl gotta do to get you kids to post? :slight_smile:

Sorry it took me so long to post this week guys, had a little incident this last weekend.

Initially, Maruska won't have a shield grog. She is not exactely a loner, but she is somewhat of a nomad, and since she never settled down, she never had the time to find someone to tag along in her journeys. She may come across some interesting company here in Gallus Florensis, though.

Sorry guys. Work has blown up and it's turning into a longer blow up than expected. I'm afraid I have to bow out for at least the rest of the year. Arya, please use Erro as you need to. I may bother you again in January if there's an open slot then. Thanks.

My internet is kind of sucking these last few days. I have been trying to post since the day before yesterday, but I always get error messages. Seems to be working today, though. Aria, if you see anything odd in my posts (html issues, typos or stuff like that), please feel free to edit.

prod Where is everyone?

Hello? I'll second Arya's prod.


Looks like no one is here but us crickets.

I'm temporarily suspending the saga until after the holidays, when I'll try again to contact everyone and see what's what.

Yeah, that's probably best. I look forward to continuing the saga though!

I will have time to participate again after the New Year.

BTW, so y'all know, I will be busting my ass working NYE. Excalibur is a four-story mega club, and we are offering three delux party packages and five buffets that night. If any of y'all are in Chicago that night, let me know and I can slide you in the back door :smiley:

Happy New Year, everyone.

Please check in if you're available and still interested in continuing this saga.