OOC: Covenant Planning

I have lots of questions about the planning ...
Are we planning to use the Covenants book for this process? If so, how many build points are we starting with?
How much planning should we do before the magi explore the third possible location, I believe Rudaria?
If we are going to settle the covenant in Waldstein, it appears that there is little to start with, although we have not fully explored the site yet. I am not sure I want to spend time role-playing covenant building from the ground up, especially in a PbP.

That said, here are my initial thoughts about the Waldstein site, based on the Boons and Hooks chapter of Covenants:
It seems we have the Minor Site Hook: Weak Aura, unless there is an area we still need to explore where the magical aura increases.
I think we might also have the Minor Site Boon: Seclusion, given the access through the faerie forest.
Fortifications: apparently none
Resources: nothing apparent
Residents: There may be some peasants still hiding in the woods, and they may fall into the Major Residents Hook: Rebellious Covenfolk
External Relations: We may have the Minor Boon: Prestige as a result of helping Horst and possibly for eliminating the remnants of the old Waldstein covenant. Alternatively, founding a covenant here may give us the Minor Hook: Infamous. I would suggest coming up with a new name!
Surroundings: The surrounding faerie forest may give us the Major Boon: Defensive Environment

I don't have a strong feeling about the charter at this point, and I think as a new member, Carolinus would likely defer to the other magi on much of the charter discussion.

Use the covenant book - unless you hate it.

As for the other site: Pfalzgrafen Island, assume that there will be some obstacles to overcome - but all in all it will be pfalzgrafen island (whatever you come up with - I'll add or modify it if it either unbalances the game or goes against the master plan - otherwise, I'll keep it.

As for build points:

Don't think in build points. Write a wish list (biggest wishes at the top), and the tribunal will fulfill some of those.

Honorus can call for support from the Tremere and I was saving this up to get supplies to build the Covenant. Hard to figure in but we would need to see what Durenmar might provide as well.

I don't think Carolinus can provide much in support of the Covenant, as he has basically run away...

As for wishes, I don't have my books with me at the moment, so I can't cite specific boons and hooks, but I would like

  1. A nice library for research
  2. Nearby mundanes that Carolinus can interact with and help
  3. An impressive structure (no sense living near mundanes, if you can't impress them :slight_smile: )

Honorus has Hermetic Architecture so given enough time he could make structures that increase the aura. Part of the character was to explore this aspect so we might not be at a weak aura for long.

I think we can start off with the framework of the charter. I guess it is surely something the Magi discuss while they are traveling.
Arturous will argue for a democratic governance of the covenant, with additional restrictions on the power of the council, such as:
The council may not distribute joint covenant resources to any magus – such resources (vis, money) can only be used specifically for the betterment of the covenant.
The council may not pass a resolution forcing a member to cast its vote in a certain manner in tribunal.
The council may not pass a resolution that will require a covenant member to contribute more then 1 season of labor every 2 years.
The council cannot decide to expel a member unless he infringed upon one of the charter rules
and a few more in the same spirit

Does the Democratic governance include representatives from the ungifted covenant folk?

I would say no. They should be considered employees, rather than members of the covenant.

So you want an Oligarchy rather than a Democracy.

I dislike the part on limiting the labor of the Council members to 1 season every 2 years. We will be starting a new Covenant and will require a lot of work. I would allow it with a trigger based on vis stores. If the Covenant vis stores are greater than 50 pawns then you only have to work 1 season every two years.

Whatever we want to call it – as long as all Magi get an equal vote in council.

1 season every 2 years is found in several places in the covenant book as a rough guideline. There must be a hard limit of some sort – forcing the members to contribute too much can be constituted as depriving them of their magical power.

I actually think that when we start it would be less beneficial to contribute many seasons of labour. Our magi are still fresh out of their gauntlets. Arturous, for example, can extract a pitiful amount of vis from magical aura's (having no vim and creo score). In general – the same goes for other magical work. Wouldn't it be better to spend some years developing our arts and make the future contribution much more meaningful?

50 pawns seem like an awful lot. It could take many many years to hoard such an amount (though i admit i don't really know the magical power level of Jean's saga). Besides, the council can always decide to spend it on something, thus forcing the magi to contribute ad infinitum. My suggestion that no magus receives any share of vis at all – the council issues 'bids' for important tasks from the covenant stores, for research/magical objects/writing books, and each member may accept/decline at his own will. this will constitute as additional contribution to the mandatory 1 season per 2 years.

All of the above, off course, is the Tytalus opinion. I could argue differently as a Tremere. :smiling_imp:

I look at a Covenant as a cooperation for the betterment of all. In the long run you would improve your power more by giving time to the covenant.

Otherwise I would want a prevision to pay mages who give more than 1 season every two years to the Covenant.

You could look for other vis sources. Use your powers to help build. Or get more material. Trade books. Write books. There are a lot of things you could do other than suck vis from the aura.

I'm alright with that, even to the point that only those who do the additional contribution will be entitled to a share. What do you suggest?

Carolinus would be a little surprised that vis stores would not be distributed to magi. He believes that one of the benefits of membership should be sharing resources, including vis in addition to books.
He is fine with one season of service every two years, with payment for additional service. Should we agree on a "payment schedule"?
An oligarchy sounds fine, but how shall decisions get made? Is a simple majority vote enough? Should some votes require a unanimous decision?

About starting vis stores:
You will be starting with zero vis.
But you will get gifts from the other tribunals at the Tribunal meeting when your covenant is found. Politicking and bargaining may be able to influence what and how much you get (books, spells, items, vis, silver, grogs, companions...)

One of the first on-site adventures for any site will be discovering and claiming a vis source.

As for the amount of covenant work required: That is for you to decide. I recommend a scheme that goes like this for every newcomer to the covenant.
The second, then the third, then the fourth, then the fifth, then the sixth, then the seventh, then the eihth season, and thereafter the eighth season is spend for the covenant. Starting covenants need more collaborative effort, and some of the effort could be spend in adventures (like negotiating with neighbors or finding vis sources).