OOC Discussion Thread

I just got back from a (non-impromptu) trip to Vegas. I'll post stuff here soon as I've done some thinking an rearranging of details in Leah's background to the point I think I'm happy.

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Still rather buried by "real life" right now. (Moving, new job, and family things all blended together!) But I'm endeavoring to play catchup here. Rest assured however that my interest here has not waned, and eventually things will get closer to stable.


Soooo.... How's everyone?

Still here.

Very happy that August is done! I'm not sure why, but it always ends up being my craziest month of the year. Or maybe second after January.

Apologies for the radio silence everyone, but the start of the school year has been... hectic. A classroom to set up from scratch, curriculum to write (because what I got was a dumpster fire, and that's being generous), a million and one systems to learn, to say nothing of actually teaching. Or you know, my own tiny humans. All three of them.

Suffice it to say, I've largely been hanging on by a thread. But hey, I'm still alive and kicking I swear!

That said, from what it sounds like, @Vortigern is having an even rougher go than I am. Between the move, and the new job working him absolutely ragged (think 10 hour days six days a week kinda ragged), he's barely keeping his head above water as it were.

But both of us wanted y'all to know that we're still here, and very much intend to keep things going. It's just going to take us longer than we'd like. So as much grace as folks can give us is greatly appreciated!