OOC Discussion Thread

You know what to do. If you don't this is probably a good place to ask.

Hello! Leah cultas Bionaere here. No, I'm not changing my character. :slight_smile:

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Haha somehow I saw that one coming friend!

Glad to have you with us again Pendry!

Since we are already pretty familiar with your concept I'll go ahead and open you a thread to start going through the character creation steps. Note that they have been modified slightly since last time we did this.

Hello! Thanks for having me!

Long time GM in other systems, trying to increase the amount of Ars Magic in my life on the last few years, both as SG and player.

May the dice bring good rolls for all of us! =]

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Nice to meet you, Rafael! And welcome to the Isle of Wrath!

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I'm back, too. Good to see the troupe regrouping.

Pendry, I saw your post about have gone to Ireland. Sounds fantastic.

Rafael, good to see you another way. (Rafael and I are sharing comments a ton as we're both on the Fan Grimoire team.)

Thanks! The trip to Ireland was...magical. :slight_smile:

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I think we have what is shaping up to be a pretty strong Troupe here folks. I'm pleased and looking forward to getting into Hibernian trouble up to our eyeballs with the lot of you!

I'll be driving long distance and running errands for the next few days, so will have much reduced access and ability to post beyond perhaps probably something occasional on my phone. You are sad, I know, yet rest assured so am I.

That just means y'all are at my tender mercies for the next few days.

Mwahaha, mine is an evil laugh.

I am back baby.

I'll be endeavoring to catch up soon, but that may take some time. If there is something you want prompt attention to please send me a PM.

Well, I figured out how to get colors to make the character sheet easier to read. I've had a few failed attempts at indentation. I tried a couple BBCode and html methods, but no luck yet.

Please, do share! Colors in this forum have eluded me for a long time.

Use these in square brackets to begin and end the colored section in blue:

At least red, green, and blue are named. But you can get any color you want by using an RGB code after a pound sign like #DB7900 instead of the named color.

I found the bold on its own didn't create enough contrast with the text when it was buried inside a big block, like with Abilities followed by Arts. I figured blue would show up well with either a black or a white default background. Take a look at my "Character Thread," and you'll see the blue there.


I will be doing some long distance traveling soon, and be on the go for approximately the next week or so. I am not completely sure what impact this will have on my ability to post, but @Nithyn will be around to keep things moving.

I'd like to see Magi getting reviewed and close to being done and shifting the emphasis to Companions in the next week or two. In the interim working on the Covenant is always interesting and helpful as well.

I will try and stay informed/active while I am gone but we will see. Best regards to all of you.

I should be able to focus on getting Leah updated and posted here during your time away. I think she's the last that will need to be done at this point.

You say that now, but I didn't just decide to adjust Ronan to go full tilt into the Faerie courtier route or anything. And by that I mean, I'm doing precisely that.

So don't worry, you're not the only one with a bit of work to do this week?

Quick update, my trip has been extended for another week. So my ability to post will continue to be irregular for at least that long. Best regards and very interesting ideas I've been reading!

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On my end, I just got back from an impromptu camping trip with the kiddos, so I'm hoping to be back in the swing of things tomorrow. Wednesday at the latest.

Finishing up the spells for Ronan, and it's taking a bit longer than expected. Got sucked down the Imaginem rabbit hole and came up with some rather interesting ideas. Even without using Glamour. Because yes @Vortigern I hear you frowning from here at the mention of the G word.