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She could take Ouragon's old lab...

also a note:

  • Edith the weaver is persuing a summae on corpus in the summer of 2015, hoping it will help her invest wonderous effects in her weaving. It won't but she is trying.

When does Anna's kid hit age five again?

1117, along with a few others...

also Simina rex is posted, though not as elegantly as some PC characters, and I have hit the ADHD rut, so if anyone sees something questionable, please say something.

This post still has the correct vis salary or does it change after the apprentices become magi?

my understanding is that it is still correct until 1120, but that new magi (such as Anna and Danae) do not get a vis salary until then.
Technically Ouragon has been accruing vis despite being... well technically he is still in the covenant, since the faerie gate is in the covenant...

I thought it was agreed that once Anna became a magus, vis disbursement would continue at a much lower rate:

As far as Danae goes, she has been earning the same as the others, per [url]https://forum.atlas-games.com/t/e-mail-verification/172/1]

So in 1115, Anna is Gauntleted, Magi vis disbursement (not an actual salary, it's not a Hook, and we aren't officially spending seasons of service, although it often amounts to the same thing) should be 3 pawns of vis for Anna, the other Magi 4, each. The type of vis? That hasn't been discussed yet. After 10 years, Anna could earn the regular 4, or the vis distribution could be revised, or both.

Camilla follows in 1116, and now Giovanni 14 years down the line.

Pazzino and Abdul are reading the same book for Winter 1115. This can only be resolved...by a dance-off!

Pazzino has priority by virtue of status

Aurthor, Giovanni and Pazzino updated with actions in the planner for Aurthor and Pazzino - Giovanni is waiting to see what his master wants. I believe we're just waiting on adventure #2?

I'll get that done today

Quite Possibly a Cat, saw you were graduating Camilla somewhat early, giving her the boot in Spring :smiley: Camilla becomes a Maga in Fall of 1116, that's the 60th season from when her Arts were Opened.
Hey, she's Evandrus's chief cheerleader!

Eh, she got taught in spring. That meets the teaching obligation. I mean, I suppose he could assign a task for summer, while he goes to the Tribunal, but it seemed better if she could be a maga for the tribunal.

Anna's tractatus was already scribed and illuminated.

Sounds good, Camilla is eager to be a Maga in her own right, and make her parens proud!

Let's see,
•What sort of ape is he? (baboons/Barbary macaques are size -2 in the Africa books)
•Stats seem in line with other apes from Between Sand and Sea, check
•Doesn't have mundane animal qualities, but that's hardly essential.
•Should have an Essential Monkey* trait, or some such, right?
•7 points in Virtues, 7 in Flaws, check
•570 points in skills, Summer characters have 360, Autumn 720, so I don't know where the extra points (or minus) are coming from.
•I count 32 points in Qualities, although you mentioned 50: fatigue mastery (3), gift of speech (1), vis mastery (3), ritual power- oath swearing (3), improved confidence x4 (4), calling the troop- greater power, cost 3 (3), improved defense (dodge) (1), guide (3), grant ways of the wood (6), grant no sense of direction (3), improved [strike]ability[/strike]Power grant ways of the wood- cost reduction (1), improved [strike]ability[/strike] Power no sense of direction, penetration:3 (1), improved [strike]ability[/strike] Power oath swearing (1)
- What is The Improved Power to No Sense of direction? If it's just Penetration, isn't it better to buy "Improved Ability" for 50 xp to Penetration?

Other than those questions, I love the concept and execution, thanks!

I get 720 points in abilities, I did fail to put improved dodge at x5, improved penetration on no sense of direction has a cost of 6 from my understanding, forgot to note cost reduction of 5 for granting ways of the wood instead of cost reduction 1, and forgot to note a cost reduction of 5 on oath swearing...

Yes, he should have an essential monkey trait but I could not find that in flaws and virtues , so I presume it is a free trait...

in 1117 the faerie children will be 5- I need to know which magi or companions will be having faerie children that the players do not want to generate.

How many relics are there to gain fertility cult insights from? Not counting the one Evan has already used. And Evan will pass on the aging crisis resolution. It should resolve on its own right?

there were 5 fertility figurines and the wall painting, though to gain inspiration for the wall painting you would need to either transport it to your lab or set up a temporary lab in the cave...

Hi silveroak, are the figurines used up when you gain Insight, or are they usable by others? Trying not to impinge on Quite Possibly a Cat's research.