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For Correspondences? You don't even need to post letters, unless you want to start a plot to which the letters are integral. If that's the case, yes, start a new thread.


Dunno that I'd call it a "plot," but I do wish to establish that Patrick has a familiar relationship with Certioari, the Quaesitor most likely to show up if one ever comes out this way.

You could if you want just describe Certiorari and the relationship in Patrick's background, the way I've done near the end of Viola's character sheet.

It might be cool, though, to start a "Correspondents" thread where all of us can post info on our magi's correspondents, so that everyone can have a look at it without having to dig through the character sheets.


I've been drafted into runninga game off-site, so I'll unfortunatley have to bow out of this one, as I will be more than busy with maintaining that game. Sorry to waste everyone times.

Happy gaming.

The Snowman

Well, poo. Thanks for letting us know.


Those are questions for Gregorious.

I'd been assuming it was the end of the two year period. In an ideal world, Gregorius wouldn't be doing this until he was rather better suited to it (higher Parma, higher Mentem, and some spell that was actually capable of affecting incorporeal beings...);however, other than the Mentem, I don't see him attaining those until several years hence, after he's managed to bind Alcimus.

Gregorius isn't going to be brilliantly happy about regular pagan sacrifices; however, for the sake of avoiding actually playing out an argument we've basically had already, let's just say he makes this plain, but loses the argument (unless anyone else actually agrees with him).

Patrick is as fine a Catholic as any Irishman, but vis is vis, he says.

Viola certainly isn't going to push him into it, but will be along when he does choose to do it.


Is it bad that I now want to run a plotline in which a vis producing altar produces different types of vis depending on what you sacrifice on it? Animals, get animal vis. Grain, Herbam vis. Gold/precious metals, terram vis. And to get corpus vis...

No, no diabolic involvement there at all, guv.

Feel free. :slight_smile:


I wouldn't do a plotline vindicating my character's beliefs like that in this saga, though - rather bad form. Still, an idea for another day.

I'm assuming that other PCs (mages, companions, grogs, whatever) are nearby for the beginning of the Barrows thread, and are familiar enough with Patrick that they feel free to chime in on this discussion. In other words, if you're a player and you want in on this thread, this is (one of the times) you can pick someone and join in.

I'm headed out of town for the next 10-12 days. I should be able to post midweek, but may not have access to my books.

Viola isn't likely to offer an opinion unless a) prompted or b) someone suggests doing something stupid involving faeries. You'll be lucky if she even comes out of her lab to show up at meetings.


Scott, would you like to play a grog or companion until Viola gets dragged into this, then? And what about Tasia?

I can play the Cat, if there's a plausible way for her to be involved.

Until such time as callen returns (if he does), Tasia will be an NPC, and I'll handle her advancement.


Oh! I didn't realize that we were down to 2 players.

Callen's still posting occaisonally on the Shores of Albion thread, but hasn't been seen on this forum for a while now. So not completely vanished, but somewhat inactive.