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I think you want a Group Target rather than a Part target if you want to affect multiple things (I think you can affect part of a group of objects with the part target). Depending on how many targets you want to affect, you can then potentially drop of size magnitude to bring it back down to the same level.

I suppose I should have checked the correct dates of current happenings before I posted my character's detailed development.

What are the dates of the various stories?

Um, yeah, I was supposed to figure that out--right before I got food poisoning. I'll deal with it ASAP, but I've got to pack Saturday and travel Sunday, so it could be Monday before I get to it.


Have we recovered from Thanksgiving sufficiently to move on?


I'm ready to go!

Should I start a thread for Marco's arrival?

Sure, that would be great.



Viola has a fairly valid point here, given the take I've been using on the Faerie Realm (which I reckon is at least reasonably consistent with RoP:F, even if I haven't seen other people using it much. My problem is that I'm not quite sure how then to relate that to the mechanics of ongoing Faerie powers, short of declaring things to have been cast with a relevant Until duration, or possibly some sort of limit on the faerie itself.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

I think that there's enough wiggle room that you're within your rights to do whatever you think is going to make for the best story. I think in "Fairyland" (that is, in the realm itself), Viola would be completely correct, but surely reality blends gradually into faerie as the level of the aura or regio increases--which could even mean that it might be easier to change the highest level (that we know of), with the "medusa", than to change the lowest ones (which are the ones Viola's most worried about for the moment).


Apologies - I realise I've more or less killed this game. What do you want to do? Formally end it, or try to get it going again? I think if the latter, it would probably make most sense to wrap up the current story thread quickly, unless there's something specific you want to do with it (I've mostly done what I was intending with it, although I realise Viola hasn't come to any definite conclusions yet).

I probably did more to kill it than you did--after all, I never got together the chronology I kept promising. However, to be honest, it was the two of us who kept it going, and everyone else who killed it. But this is pretty normal for an online game, in my experience.

I would love to start it up again, but we'll need some planning on how to relaunch it, and get new players. So yes, wrapping up the present story lines will be necessary. Viola's story I think should be easy, but what do we do about the other one?


I think the easiest way to wrap up Gregorius' exploration of the graveyeard is to have him decide he needs to learn / findout X before he can make much more headway (will have a think and refresh my memory of the thread to decide on X).

My general intent on Viola's story line is that there are a few ways she could approach the problem, depending on exactly what she's wanting to achieve, and what drawbacks she's willing to accept. Viola should mostly be therefore at the point where she needs to decide what she wants to do next, whether it's seek out aid of some sort elsewhere, or come up with a specific plan to deal with the temple.

Perhaps consider that I think I was still reading and trying to see an "in" to the story for months. I asked an in character question on 30 March 2012, and the other chapter 2 thread I wasn't in that timeline.

You two kept the thread you were involved in going at a very slow pace, but saying your other players caused the slow down when it has been ages since anything extra was posted external to that one thread is rubbish.

The slow down of the Palace thread was undoubtedly me - I'm not going to attempt to deny that. I think the rest of the game died when amul disappeared, and I (for one) didn't realise (or at least, specifically think about) that you were still around. Sorry - we should have got you your own plot thread.

Viola feels like she's stumbling around in the dark. Her preference, though, is to find a way to shape the regio using forces that already exist, rather than using brute force.


Obviously, we're not talking about you, since we never got you fully involved.

It's good to know you're still taking an interest, though. We can work with that!

And yes, I do need to go through and sort things out to construct a timeline. It's going to be at least a few days before I'm able to do that, though, esp. since I'm traveling this weekend.


Reading through the barrow thread, it looks as though it's already mostly wrapped up, although there are a few loose ends:

  • Gregorius was going to point Viola at the barrow with the faerie regio in it (mostly in the hope that she can find a way to extract some vis from the situation - the covenant still isn't even up to its initial starting allocation of souces, and it's been two years in. I'm not sure if we're just being very thick in recognising souces, or whether they haven't been there).
  • He's showing Fray the rune covered room.
  • He's telling Tasia about the infernal aura.
  • He's trying to research about the missing king.

Most if not all of these can probably be assumed to happen off stage, and either lead to vis sources (not to be too subtle or anything) or be unproductive. Before we make any definite decisions it might be an idea to pm amul, though. He hasn't posted in a while, but it's possible he's got an alert on his pms and is either interested in coming back or can give MTKnife a summary of his background/plans for the barrows.

After that, the obvious thread Gregorius would like to continue is the exploration of the cave system (the thread seemed to peeter out). Ironboundtome, was there anything specific you wanted to do with Fray in addition to that?

I intended for it to take a little while, though the lack of stories running explains a lot of why things haven't been revealed. There are certainly some potential resources, though, that won't be discovered until the magi explore particular places that I already have in mind.


There was also Patrick's exploration of the swamp south of the covenant, but we can write him out of the story at this point.


(I'm re-reading the thread, so it is taking some time to understand where things got to. Restarting my plans now)

b The runes[/b] - are of great interest to Fray, as a character he's not really equipped to deal with them, but I'm happy for him to spend significant time (a season of study) documenting the runes in a meaningful way so that none of the magi have to return to the barrow to see them in detail.

As Gregorius wishes to stay involved in what they might mean, the plans should include him too.

I'd then like to:

  • return to study them in the lab. But will probably defer that until Fray has a starting point in terms of knowledge.
  • contact a rune expert, or start investigating where to get a primer on runes (as I'm bookish)
  • establish if there is a prevalent magical effect or Vis source, or if the runes are informational only. Not looking for a Rosetta stone, but wish to limit the investigation to a season of effective work.
  • if the runes are not inconsequential, then perhaps they may lead to a minor discover of some sort.

b Missing king barrow [/b]- I'd take a second look there too, but be very light touch. Seeking to write his own detailed description and notes instead of query with spells.

b Fort barrow [/b]- if it has not been explored, then Fray will go there after letting the other Magi know his plan.

Oh, unless it's not obvious Fray will not go near the Infernal Aura. If that precludes a location then that is fine.

Question to SG - should any/all that be RP'ed in the Barrow thread?