OOC Discussion

This is the thread for discussing the game, be it scheduling-, event-, character-, or whatever else-related, as players rather than as characters.

The first topic of discussion: Should making the covenant be its own thread? I've got a potential Boon/Hook list from one player but it hasn't had anything added to or taken from it based on the interests of other players, so I'd like that to happen. And Build Points, I was thinking, maybe I could make a few different build point blocks and you could pick one to represent you guys picking a spot and receiving different gifts or deals while outfitting the library. What are your thoughts?

Which list did you have in mind? The one posted in the other thread?

I would like it if you drafted something with the build points and we just chose among them, like you suggest - I think it tends to get messy and slow if we all choose our own allotment or somesuch.

I would say yes, start a thread for covenant creation

Sorry I didnt post more. I will try to respect the 2 post/week from now on. I will probably be able to post more as well.

Yeah, it seems people fell asleep a little because the forum took so long. Time to wake up, everyone!

Any news of efaun and darkwing ? Are they aware we have a subforum for the saga now ?