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I should note that I put out some suggestions more as examples to names that could be built and characteristics of the covenant that could be used. I have hopes that the troupe can come up with something different / better as the name for the covenant. There is also nothing forcing you all to use a name in Latin. If you like something like "Deadly Oak" but not its Latin translation, for example, we can always use Deadly Oak over the course of the saga.

That said, I'll let you resume the discussion. :smiley:

I just got another alternative for a name.

Visum Ventosus or Ventosus Spectare

Meaning something like Windy View or The View of Winds perhaps.
I have no idea of Latin grammar so I'm just tossing around with google-translated words.

I like visum ventosus.

I think that Visum Ventosa is slightly better Latin.

I like Visum Ventosa
Our emblem could be a double V on both sides of a three (oak) all over some waves.

Sounds very good I think.

The name and emblem work for me.

While clearing snow away around the house earlier, I had a slightly twisted idea that I want to share with you.

This saga is focused on the consequences and tribulations of magi who want to establish themselves independently of older covenant with all of their constraints and rules, in a Mythic Europe where the Order of Hermes is made up of magi suspicious of each other and jealous of their power. Ressources such as books and vis sources are closely guarded and not often shared.

The Price of Freedom explores what it means to live free of those constraints. But what would happen to those young magi who accept those constraints, in that same variant of Mythic Europe?

So I'm thinking about creating a sister saga called The Price of Knowledge, which would focus of what young magi must do for established covenant in order to gain accept to that closely held knowledge. The players' magi would be from those who conform to the model imposed by established covenants. In exchange for access to good books and other resources available to an established covenant, they would be required to perform numerous tasks by their elders.

So, where The Price of Freedom is more of a saga of exploration and building one's home, The Price of Knowledge would be more of a political saga where the young magi try to establish themselves within the existing political structure. This would provide an interesting contrast between the two sagas.

As players of The Price of Freedom, would any of you be interested in playing in The Price of Knowledge?

This does not need to be an immediate thing. If any of you feel that you currently have your hands full playing in the current saga, but eventually would like to join, I would make you a place in the new saga.

For example, I know that Flavius is still building his magus. That takes a lot of efforts and you may not want to tackle creating a second magus at the same time. But in a few months, you may decide that things have settled enough for you to consider it. You would still be able to join at that time.

What say you? Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions?

I am interested but feel a bit hands-full at the moment. I'd have to check with my baby sleep situation etc. when the time comes.

I assume my character is nearly fished.
In a few weeks I can start to build a second for the price of knowledge.

I´m interested but mid of February I will work in Australia for 8 weeks. I think I will have less time than.
I will still be able to spend time on a regularly basis in the Price of Freedom, but not so sure about a second saga.

In other words: I like to, but I´m not sure if I have enough time. :confused:

Anyway coming May I´m back home and should be able to handle more than 1 saga

Like I said, this isn't a one-time offer. The context of the sister saga will make it relatively easy to introduce new magi at any time (and to have magi leave as well).

It also isn't an immediate thing. Since the saga will be more political in nature, I will need some time to spin it up.

Just figured I'd share the thought, offer this troupe a chance to think about it before I announced it at large, and sollicitate comments about the idea. :smiley:

Although the second saga will be in the same universe, interaction between the two will be limited. Some NPCs will be shared, but that should be it.

Thanks for the offer Arthur. For me, I have two concerns.
First and foremost, I have to see how much time this and the other game I have joined actually take.
Second, I have to think about how well I can contriubte to a politcally oriented story sequence. It certainly sounds interesting.

I would be interested and I really like the idea of a political orientation of the second saga, but at the moment I think I have my hands full with the two games I'm currently in.
I will keep my eyes open here on the forum and when you decide to launch it, I will evaluate how much time I have for another game.

The sister saga has been announced. :smiley:

The spell for identifying Vis that seems to make the most sense is a Wizards Eye for Vis. From other sources, that Would appear to be base 1, personal, +4 for vision.
I am inclined towards diameter duration, since recasting when not under pressure is a simple die. That would give a net 10. As I have a lab total of 31 (before Aura), I could use the other available points to actually learn Scale of the Magic Weight (inVi 5).

There are several variations on that basic idea using T:Vision. D:Diam only lasts 2 minutes, so you would end up casting it many many times if you are hunting for vis sources. D:Conc is of the same level and can last up to 15 minutes multiplied by your score in Concentration (only drawback is that you need to concentrate on it so other actions are more difficult). D:Sun would completely solve the duration problem, although it would add a magnitude (still within your capabilities to invent in a single season) and stay active even after you no longer have a use for it (a potential source of Warping of you use it too often).

Another variation (which one of the departed magus used) is to go with T:Hearing. The range of hearing is not as great as T:Vision, but in some instances to can help you find vis that you would otherwise miss. For example, something hidden by a piece of fabric, under a bush, or simply covered by sand. It is also easier to invent, with one less magnitude required.

The aura around the oak is 3.

I think that D: Sun T: Hearing will work out best.

Joel feel free to join in the Heart of stone story with any of your characters. Tristan perhaps?
You may also play Yulia, just remember that she is either 8-9 months pregnant or just have given birth, I don't remember when she got "knocked up".

More like 4-5 months pregnant. She announced she was pregnant in the winter (third bullet point of the second part).

Okay. Happy to handle those two. I mixed the two characters in this post. I will try to keep them separate in general, to keep it cleaner.
(And then the board complains that I "cannot make another post so soon after your last.")