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I'll let Emelric play a bit at the library before I arrive to simulate the length of my meeting with Gunther. Just tell me when I arrive.

Works for me.

I'll be away on holidays, most likely without internet from the 20th to the 22th of actober included.

Noted, thanks for letting us know.

BTW, I think this would be a reasonable time for Renatus to join the scene in the library.

Slight delay for the start of this week. Will post soon but probably not today.

You can apply the results of Summer 1207 to your characters' stats.

Give me a little time to write the introductory post to chapter 2. I should be able to post it before the end of this week. :smiley:


Things got a little hectic at the end of last week, so I was unable to complete the Chapter 2 introductory post.

And since I have some urgent things to do at work this week, I won't be able to post much until Thursday-Friday. Sorry for the delay! :frowning:

No worries. I look forward to seeing what comes next.


Workload has been even heavier than I expected this week, so I won't be posting today or tomorrow.

I'll try to post something this weekend (I'm at home for a change), but I make no promises. :wink:

Don't worry I'm kinda busy too anyway.

Chapter 2 is coming soon. I was able to write most of the introductory post today. Just need to finish and review it, probably tomorrow.

Sorry for the delay. Work load continues to be heavy these days. Will post something today.

Currently on vacation for the holidays, but not on my computer much. Don't expect much posting from me until January 5th, although I may be able to do some sporadic short messages from my phone.

At home with a bad cough, feeling like a truck hit me. Will probably be a couple of days before I post.

My preferred medicine is rum grog, it doesn't cure cough but you don't care any longer about it :wink:

Unfortunately, rum grog hasn't been on the menu to treat my pneumonia. But the antibiotics are doing their job and I'm getting better.

I should be able to post something soon. Perhaps even today. :smiley:

Just thought I'd remind you that the ibis cannot swim, as discussed here, so that if the eruption occurs in water too deep to wade into, Renatus won't be able to approach sufficiently to gather the vis. He might be able to cast the spell while flying, but that requires concentration rolls as well as casting without gestures.

That's a safe reminder, still with Lungs of the Fish (MuAq 20, Au) and Clear Sight of the Naiad (InAq 5) we agreed I can "move clumsily" I assume not well enough to gather vis from your comment ?