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Seasonal activities for the magi during Fall 1208 please. :slight_smile:

I'm doing some massive work in my house (concrete and stuff), will post fewer this week.

It will give the others some time to catch up. :wink:

I'll study a book we brought with us, can you remind us what's available ?

The content of the chapter house's library is listed here. I've added the quality of the Rego summa, since one of the magi have studied it. The level is still unknown, as none of the magi have reached a point where they can determine it with certainty.

I'll read the primer on intelligo then

Ludovicus will harvest the vis source, taking 8 xp in Low German.

Nusy at the moment, more coming soon.

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Posting will be slow during the next two weeks, but I should be able to get a few messages out.

What were the magi doing during the fall season? We may be moving forward a few season, so take some time to think about your plans.

We may also want to invite 1-2 new players in to help keep things interesting. :smiley:

I'm on board with bringing more players in.

Ludovicus will harvest the vis source and learn some more German.

Joyeux Noel to you both.

joyeux noël !

Joyeux Noël ! :smiley:

I've added that planned activity to the Activities per Season topic.

I'd like the magi to start planning their activities for a year in advance. I will mark those activities in red until such a time that those seasons are completed, but it will help me plan stories as well. They may get interrupted or not, depending on events outside of their control, but at least I will know ahead of time what is planned. :slight_smile:

For now I have still indicated Konrad of Bonisagus (Trogdor's character) as still being present, but you can expect him to depart at some point in the future. I will also add any other incoming magus to the list as their identity becomes known.


I'm not sure if you want it here or not if not then complete your post and delete mine :wink:

For Renatus Bjornaer
Spring : Learn Ritual Communion (MuVi 20)
Summer : Study Aquam summae and visit Fengheld to report to both the Bjornaer there
Fall : Harvest vis
Winter : Study Aquam summae visit Fengheld to report to both the Bjornaer there

I moved the post here. The Activities per Seaon topic is there to display an overview of what is going on.

I don't remember if I had mentioned this previously, but I created a wiki for the saga. I will be adding more information in there as time goes by.

Firstly, I had forgotten to apply Ludovicus' Study Bonus to the xp gained in the season during which he read from the Rego summa. So it should be 9+2 in the Activities per Season entry. I've already updated his character sheet.

Secondly, here are his plans for the coming seasons:
1208 Winter: Study Rego summa - 9+2 xp
1209 Spring: Study Rego summa - 9+2 xp
1209 Summer: Harvest vis source - 8 xp Low German
1209 Fall: Study Rego summa - 9+2 xp (this will bring his Re up to lvl 10)
1209 Winter: Study Intellego summa - ?+2 xp, remember he hasn't written to Dorana in a while, and do so to ask what's new and to tell her about the purple sheep hunt

Remind me where you were studying in order to get the bonus? Now that you've reached level 10 this may no longer be a sufficiently Rego-ish surroundings. He would know that in advance.

After his first season studying from the summa, he knew that it would bring him as high as level 10. With a few more seasons of study, he will have a better idea of exactly how high its level is.