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If he is simply flying in a straight line (basically cruising along), same as walking (EF 3). This would of course rise if conditions are more complex (strong winds, flying in a forest, etc.)

Are my muto animalem spells cancelled when I turn human or the just cease to work and resume when I'm going Ibis again ?

Here's what I suggested in the sister saga. I would be inclined to handle it the same way here.

Note that only MuCo and MuAn would be affected by a change to/from your heartbeast, so a spell like Veil of Invisibility would remain in effect.

This seems reasonable, but I prefer to ask because that's always better to know beforehand.

Would you allow to create spells with additional magnitude(s) and/or requirement to bypass that limitation ?

I plan to make a stop on Waddenzee covenant on my way to Fengheld, Is there a chance I know it or is that too much knowledge of the tribunal (considering it's in the Wadden sea, which is a wetland I'll find It an interesting resting point for my character but It's only been found recently so I might not know It)

Probably. My first reflex would be to add a Co requisite (or An when cast in human form, but that doesn't apply to Renatus) and an additional magnitude.

You'd know there is a covenant called Terschelling somewhere in the islands of the northern coast, but not precisely where that island is. But it is said that few of the islands are inhabited, so it shouldn't be too much of a problem locating the covenant given some time to fly around. As this is the year when the covenant gets renamed to Waddenzee, news of that would not have reached Iberia yet.

Any grog that is completed should be copied to the Grogs and Covenfolks topic.

I'll be quite busy this week-end, I'm not sure I'll be able to post more than once a day.

Yes, Hygwald is an a**hole. But then, Waddenzee is a pirates' nest. :smiling_imp:

From GotF: "When dealing with any other being (magus or not, human or not), Hygwald’s arrogance shows through. He offers respect to members of his House, and elsewhere whenever prudent, but has no compunction about lying, cheating, and stealing to further his own aims."

A**holes are fun NPC's ^^ and that's an interesting little chat.

Any news From Kingjawa ? It seems like he hasn't visited the forum from more than 3 weeks...

Sadly, no news from him. I've pretty much given up on him.

Want me to look for a replacement? I know that Kareruren was interested in February...

There is also a newcomer to the forum that expressed an interest in joining a saga in the players looking for a game subforum.
Egon is his nick and I have been in contact with him on the mythweavers rpg forum and directed him here since he was interested in Ars Magica.

I don't expect to be able to post anything until Monday.

Happy Easter to all!

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter.

Quite busy at work coming back from a long Easter holiday. It may be a couple of days before I can post anything substantial. Don't despair!

Moving the various threads along, trying to rebuild momentum. I know they're a bit short, but I figured they'd be enough to get back into it. :slight_smile:

Is the forum incredibly slow for you as well? It has been for me the last week or so, and I have tried it on different machines and different connections.

Not that I've noticed...

No issue either on m part.