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No issue either on m part.

I've noticed that sometimes I get logged out on my phone, but I haven't noticed any slowness recently.

The slowness here seems to be just on my work computer now. Don't know why since it works fine on all other webpages I visit regularly.

Your computer admin isn't an Ars magica fan maybe :mrgreen:

Well maybe it's a sign I shouldn't be here while at work. :mrgreen:

I'd like people to start putting the final stats of their grogs in the Grogs and Covenfolk topic. Right now only Emil has been statted there, and he's still missing a few things (background and appearance).

This should probably be done by the player who handles the grog's magus, since he is the most likely to take care of updates. (I can also update all posts if need be.)

Do I need to create/add a Grog as well? And on the topic of other characters...what about Companions?

Only a shield grog for your magis. And it should be a collaborative effort, since most of the time your grog will played by one of the other players.

So you come up with the concept and background for your grog, but the other players get to flesh out his stats.

How's that sound?

As soon as that is done, I'll start an introductory story for your magus.

Sounds good to me. I've got an idea forming, but I want to go through the book a bit tomorrow before I post anything. I should have something in the Frogs thread by tomorrow eveninf!

Made my day :laughing:

Stupid auto correct on my ipad.

I'll be on Holidays from Wednesday to Saturday, I won't be able to post.

Enjoy your holiday!

I will be here, waiting for my chance to get in this game!

Very busy at work today, so I am unlikely to post much until tomorrow.

I'm back, it was nice !

I'm still crazily busy at work, so can only post sporadically.

The new chapter of the story is coming soon. I have started writing the initial post, but Real Life[sup]TM[/sup] keeps intruding. :stuck_out_tongue:

I am pretty sure I'll post it tomorrow or the next day at the latest. :smiley:

Great news !

In the meantime, I have put up the Charter of Fengheld. As your magi will have a little time to read it before the initial meeting, you can look at it ahead of time. It contains a number of things that will be explained later, as well as a number of story hooks (with room for more), but should give you an inkling of what is coming.

Before my first post, I have one minor question to ask. When speaking, what language is assumed to be used? Latin?

I want to make sure that when Wolfram speaks, I know what the default language being used is so if he deviates (such as if he speaks in German to someone at the Covenant, for example) that I'm delineating the posts appropriately.