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Congratulation then :slight_smile:


Yes, congratulations from me too.

So, I've been out for a bit, largely because of some health issues. They're settled now and I'm doing fine. But they were a huge distraction for the past several months.

Now I'm coming back to the forums and back to this saga. Sorry if my absence has caused any trouble.

Hi Trogdor, welcome back.

Hi Trogdor,

Nice to meet you - only just joined but looking forward to playing with you

I cant answear for the next 5 day i have some family at home

I have major internet connection issues (changing FAI + issues on the line), I don't now when I'll be able to answer.

Are members of the covenant getting surplus vis from Fengheld? If so, I'm feeling a little cheated. When I joined the saga, you said I could only be a visitor, but assured me that I wouldn't be worse off than if I'd joined the covenant. True, I would have to pay a fee for being a visitor, but I could make up for that by not having to perform a season of service for Fengheld, allowing me to extract vis from the aura.

I understand that the others have been "doing more" for Fengheld. But that's largely a result of them having to spend a season performing a service for the covenant, while my extra season is just extracting vis to pay for my right to be here. For that same lost season, I get nothing while members of the covenant get a share of surplus vis. I even lose the chance to participate in the story aspects of covenant service. It makes me feel like I'm shuttled off to a corner where I'm just taking up space. Heck, I don't even have a voice in the covenant, while the others do.

At the moment, the members of the chapter house are having to spend more than a season every year working for the chapter house harvesting the vis source -- there are only three magi rotating, so every third year each of them is spending 2 seasons for this. If they want to lighten that burden, they will have to invest additional efforts by enchanting items.

They also had to install all of the labs that belong to the chapter house, spending 6 seasons to do so. Your magus, as a visitor, can use a lab every season he wants to. And he has priority over them because the labs belong to Fengheld, not the individual members. There may be additional visitors coming to the chapter house at some point, so the members might be even more squeezed out of the labs there is.

I think it balances out, overall.

I hadn't thought through the extra seasons setting up the labs. That does make a difference.

I've been trying not to be a jerk about the lab thing, not taking more than two seasons a year. Hopefully that makes me a more acceptable guest. :slight_smile:

So far it hasn't been an issue, as the labs are under-used. But having access to a lab at any time you want one at the chapter house is part of your contract as a peregrinator. In the same way, should there be a conflict for access to one of the books currently on loan from Fengheld, you would have priority. It is the members' reponsibility to grow the chapter house. Any resource that comes from Fengheld is controlled by Fengheld, not the members of the chapter house. And the Council has specified that visitors have first right of access to some of those resources (labs, books) because they are paying for the privilege.

That's good information to have. Thanks.

I'll still petition for membership as soon as it seems like it might be accepted. :slight_smile:

I'll be in a meeting all day tomorrow (Wednesday), so I won't be able to post.

Isn't this suppose to be hidden from the other magi ?

If it's not, i'd be happy to join.

I, too, would he happy to assist, assuming that it's not something that has to be kept hidden. But Konrad can't volunteer if he doesn't hear about it. :slight_smile:

Dorana told Ludovicus that he could not tell them the nature of the investigation before he departs for it. So he can't tell them the details until they've agreed to come and are on their way, but he can ask them for their help. They will also be bound to secrecy once they do.

So it's up to Emelric to decide who he approaches and what he tells them to convince them to come. Note that this may take more than 10 days. It's not supposed to, according to Dorana, but just going there and coming back is likely to take at least a week. So any magus participating in this risks being penalized in his other seasonal activities.

I just want to be clear on this, OOC, even if the magi are not fully aware of that.

I figure what's the point in playing in a saga if all you do is sit around reading books and experimenting in the lab. Yes. that's probably the most efficient thing for a magus to do. But it's not all that much fun from a game play standpoint. I'd much rather do a little bit of posting from time-to-time. :slight_smile:

I'm all for inviting both Konrad and Renatus Ibis. So that's done.

And Imreai and Sauryan could join too, as one (or more) of the grogs that come along. If they'd like. It would be fun to have a troupe-wide trip.

Yep. More than happy to chew on the scenary with a grog or two.
Where are the partial statlines for the covenant grogs?