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Before my first post, I have one minor question to ask. When speaking, what language is assumed to be used? Latin?

I want to make sure that when Wolfram speaks, I know what the default language being used is so if he deviates (such as if he speaks in German to someone at the Covenant, for example) that I'm delineating the posts appropriately.

The norm is for magi to use Latin between themselves. That is what Stentorius is doing now.

(If you think about it, it makes sense, as the young magi are from Spain, Bulgaria, Italy and Germany. It is doubtful they have any other common language in which they would all be fluent.)

It makes perfect sense, and it's what I figured. I just wanted to make sure, what with this being my first shot at an Ars game!

And I apologize for the wall o' text that is my first post. With not having played through the introductory thread, I had to put a little background into how Wolfram felt upon arrival at Fengheld. As well as why he was going there in the first place. I just hope that what I've posted is on par with what's expected for posts in this game.

I think it's a great introduction post Egon, especially since you had a much shorter or non-existant introduction thread. However I think the invitation letter is quite clear that we will become Probationary members and then after seven seasons we may become full members if we prove ourselves worthy.
Wolfram may have other IC reasons for his questions though.

I will post in the IC thread tomorrow morning when I got more time.

Without the introductory thread, I don't know if we are Probationary or not. And it wasn't mentioned, so I have to go with what I know.

Now, if it is that Wolfram would have received the letter and gotten to know this piece of information, I can definitely change my post.

Indeed, the call for young magi came with the agreement that they would become probationary members once accepted (after the current interview). It seems obvious to Wolfram that he will not be turned away (he is Overconfident, after all).

Wolfram first received a letter similar to this one. After he expressed his interest, he got a personal reply indicating that the Council of Fengheld was willing to consider him for probationary membership. He was to get there by the 15th day of June at the latest to be interviewed. This seems to be the interview.

Go ahead and edit your introductory post. I haven't read it yet, so its current content won't colour my perceptions.

And edited. Thanks for the clarification!

You missed the info again :slight_smile:

It will be interesting to have two Renatus in the same chapter house. :smiley:

I just can't catch a break. Edited.

Too late. Stentorius heard you and reacted to that. :laughing:

And post reverted.

Sorry for the consecutive opening posts that obviously were full of mistakes. Guess I'm just so excited to play that my manners and attention span aren't what they should be.

I don't feel it is a problem at all. In fact, all to the contrary. Magi are human beings too, so they make mistakes, their attention wander off, they forget things.

So I just roll with it and integrate those aspects into the stories. You can do the same, by having your character be embarassed by his mistakes. :laughing:

Indeed this will probably bring some confusion sooner or later which could bring a good story.

Busy at work. Will post soon I hope.

I justn realized I never gave out the xp for the introduction stories that have been completed. Tamas, Ludovicus and Renatus receive 5 xp each.

Egon, your magus will receive the same amount once we've done the story. I'm on it now.

Bit late for the intro story, so it's all good.

Actually, it is still a good idea, to give you (the player) a chance to try out your character's capabilities. It will also give me a chance to size up your character's reactions to the world and future stories.

It's been 10 days since the last post, and Arthur hasn't even logged on to the site in a week. I'm still waiting, but I don't know for how much longer...