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I think the easiest way to keep balance is to treat any effect inflicted by PeMe as a "wound" and allow recovery rolls. Otherwise the level 25 "Leave someone a mindless husk" becomes an easier alternative to the PeCo 30 "kill someone", and PeMe to destroy memories or personality far more long-lasting than a PeCo to physically wound someone.

Having it so that you can destroy Abilities, but people get to make a recovery roll after a week/month/season (depending on severity of the effect), maybe using Int instead of Stamina, allows you to quickly wreck your opponents mid-adventure and give them horrific problems right now, while long-term only modestly inconveniencing survivors. So a PeMe "Destroy a courtier's etiquette ability" could cause a lot of trouble on an adventure, but by next season will be gone.

I tend to like the idea. Although I would not like to handle every PeMe effect like that. E.g. Loss of but a moment’s memory isn't half as good, if the memory just comes back after a while.

One suggestion on a PeVi spell to remove memories: I wouldn't let it remove supernatural abilities. Those appear to go deeper than just the knowledge. If those were just knowledge supernatural abilities wouldn't interfere with learning new ones. Same thing goes for arts too!

[tab][/tab] Supernatural power (and arts) should fall under Vim with a requisite of Mentem, and probably a major breakthrough. That would allow one to block or severely damage things such as the Gift. Completely destroying the Gift probably falls against the Limits, I think.
[tab][/tab] I got mixed feelings about what darkwing said, wounding someone versus outright killing. Removal of memories is a much more targeted and precise action than leaving someone a husk. It would probably be some magnitudes above killing someone because of that need for Finesse if it were also permanent. Thoughts?

I agree. Subtlety is often more difficult than total effect. It is harder to effect a part of an individual than to the whole of them.

Fighting with a weapon talisman and range touch effects. Is this possible, easy, hard, botch prone, slow (multiple rounds), fast (hitting triggers effect in the same round) or completely different?

I asked on the forum (that's how I got to the question about magic resistance and talismans) and got answers that I long lost the ability to follow. (for anyone interested in controversial discussions about ergonomics of medieval weapons you can follow up here and here)

I do think effects should be able to to trigger on successful attack (or with an InMe trigger, or simple command word) in the same round. Opinions?

(How easily) can hermetic books be translated?

Thinking about specializing in reading[sup]*[/sup] classical Greek and continue writing books in Latin... If Prometheus writes a book of value (not sure this is going to happen) there will be someone knowing enough of both languages I would hope.

[sup]*[/sup] reading instead of hermetic usage would allow reading books about any ability.

P.S. I am inclined to specialize in writing Latin (not hermetic use again) for it is likely Prometheus writes about other things than arts...

Overread that first time... So having no specialization is not a complete waste because can be fixed later?

As I mentioned GDocs as an interesting way to collaboratively tell the stories of the covenant in one doc in contrast to spread over forum posts and replies I thought I bring up an example how that could look loke...

docs.google.com/document/d/1cG7 ... p=drivesdk

I'm alive! Sorry, big test just finished. Trying to get posts out now. 8)

[tab][/tab] Hello people,

[tab][/tab] I think I can officially say that Ioke has dropped out. He has not appeared since August 9th. I will put Arni the Bjornaer on freeze, decide what to do about him later on the end of year report (on the adventure he is in, treat him as an NPC for now). Same for ser Georgios, treat him as an NPC on 1.1 and lets say he did not join either group in 1.3. These things happen...
[tab][/tab] There is another player that wants to join, I am inclined to add him and integrate him at the same time as eldarin's people. Any objections?

[tab][/tab] I still need something in 1.1 Things go Bumping, specifically what Maia does, Ignus. Need to wrap that adventure up.

Sounds good.

New player is fine with me.

If you're happy with a new player, I'm fine with it.

As for Arni the Bjornaer - as he's clan Ilfetu, and we received a dressing-down from our elders for not knowing enough Gothic, he can safely disappear to be mentored in Gothic, Bjornaer Lore and practising his heartbeast. He can turn up after as many seasons or years out as needed.

Hi all, fine with a new player, yes! Solon never did start play, so we were actually down two, right?

Yes! :cry: Was still hoping to have loke rejoin, but... Look for her probably pathetic and anticlimactic course of action tomorrow! :slight_smile:

If there's a room for a second new player, I'll gladly join.

I think we can accommodate Bitter too. I am removing Solon and putting Ioke on hold. What does the group think? It will bring the number of players back up to seven. Of course wampa, Bitter, and eldarin's magi will have to join 'next' year :S
Thats three more magi and companions and that would be the limit.

Sounds good to me. Six magi would be good. :smiley:

I am fine with it.

So I'm gonna be super busy studying for the upcoming exam on Monday. I'll try to get decent posts out then. Sry.