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From "through the Aegis" p 31 there's a summa on Rego from Lorroca of Tytalus from the northern seas' covenant (Normandy tribunal) It's called On the Unnatural Promotion of Natural Processes and It's a level 11 Quality 11 written in Latin (which is 22bp but maybe we could imagine a degraded version with reduced quality if you think this is a problem)

I dont have TtA but lets say its a L11 Q11 suma on rego, by a Tytalus. For 20 points you can have: a) L11 Q9 (copied hastily twice), b) L9 Q11 (Torn and missing last part of the suma), or c) L10 Q10 (bad copy, full of smudges, on bad paper
How does that sound mechanically? Keep writer and origin. [I got no idea if it has additional properties, advise]

Sure make it option c, the book has nothing special.

Haven't heard from Quite possibly a cat for a while. Any news?

He is still posting in Presidium Orae so is definitely still on the forum.

Was contacted, characters modified. Still have the Autumn adventure to complete and spend those xps...

I am now basically fully moved into my new place so I should be able to be active again- sorry for any holdups I caused, folks!

Congrats on your move, hope you didn't lose too much stuff (I know I did, I still lament my 1rst ed D&D kit)

I am travelling with work and won't be back on line until Wednesday 18th April. Please don't wait for me on anything.


The forum's lag is getting worse from my place to the point of needing multiple refresh to actually be able to see a post. Is that a general perception ? That's quite annoying.

It's close to unbearable. I have to login multiple times, I lost a post between writing and submitting already for this.

I already asked if we would move somewhere else, but got no response. I thought about writing a script to "download" the campaign's thread, but that is two much effort for a read-only solution...

Sorry eldarin for not answering. I myself experience just a bit of lag. If its a problem for you, please suggest another online venue or forum we can have the posting done in (thought I think I will still keep stuff here)

Welcome back Bitter.

I informed Atlas staff a couple of days ago, they wanted to forward to their webmaster. Let's give them another week or two. If it doesn't get better, I'll look for an alternative...

I write from mobile almost exclusively, but I didn't feel my laptop lag was any better... Maybe the login problems are mobile related...

The lag on my end is about a minute for the topic to show and then again about a minute for each thread I open.

Works for me.

Sounds like Ioninna it is then.

Should I start a conversation or should I wait until seasonal adventures are announced?

Prometheus will start with Ioninna but certainly evolve to Arta (of course without acting against the code)...

For Miklos, you will have to ask JohnGraham52 if the character is in the Covenant area right now, then sure you can ask him some things now, then I'll add the option in the scheduler when time comes.

Apparently Ioke is back active in the forum... Maybe we have the second Bjornaer back...


We shall see... I won't contact him, maybe he doesn't want to play anymore...

Anybody else back here?

Hi eldarin! I PM'ed IonianD a few days ago, but have gotten no response. I saw Bitter in the Welcome back to the Forums thread. I saw John Graham at the Discord servers, darkwing posted something here at Atlas recently. Have not seen QPaC or Wampa.

Anyway, good to hear from you (even if you are over at the Discord server as well!). I am eager to retake this Saga.

Hello, I am back and hoping we play again soon :grinning: