OOC: Planning the journey

Feel free to use this thread for discussion of where to go an in what order.

We can leave, but I'd like to know how long it will be before I make any commitments as to what my provisioning is.

Heading out's good.

Before we hit the ruins, can we set up a base camp somewhere, preferably in one of the settled areas? That way if we get our lunch eatten somewhere we can retreat to base camp instead of heading back to Sousse.

Did the folks readng the journal of that Criamon learn anything?

Heading out's good.

Before we hit the ruins, can we set up a base camp somewhere, preferably in one of the settled areas? That way if we get our lunch eatten somewhere we can retreat to base camp instead of heading back to Sousse.quote]

I agree, get a base by an oasis that's not so far from the site, we should be able to reach it in an hour or more if we can.

We'll need a shield grog for each magus, several camels (one per person probably, plus a few extra most likely), guides, porters, and will companions be introduced? Finding them in Sousse might be a decent place.

unless you have gentle gift or magic to control the animal, I suspect you are not going to be able to ride a camel :).

I know no camel will tolerate my blatant gift as a rider, the ornery beasts.

I have no reason to stay in Sousse. Just make sure the wine gets on the camel. :slight_smile:

I second the sentiment to have our camels well-stocked with wine.

My Gift is the regular kind, Sinmore just happens to weigh almost 400 pounds.

However, caravans might work or carriages. Get some oxen that are no longer so...rambunctuous to pull a carriage and we should be ok.

Speaking of lab equipment...(someone was at any rate) can we get a tally of what we have?

Should some of it be defined and/or designed by us? Like the library books or some invented items, or has this already been determined?


At this point, I didn't assign items / books etc., other than the couple you have. Some of the still to be determined covenant's points will be determined depending on where you settle. What you do have are enough resources to travel in comfort and relative security for a year, and the few books etc. you have on hand.


Speaking of lab equipment, although we don't want to pack too much, I can see the need for a "stripped down" lab at our base camp in case we find a magical something or other that needs investigating before we can continue our journey (by someone who has an interest in these things - I'm looking at our resident Bonisagus). Just one lab, and not all the equipment; something that can be put in a tent in case of emergency.

We are in the desert, Carriages aren't likely. There might be some wagons but not a lot.

Goats at places and in the more temperate climates. Sheep in the more fertile places. No oxen though (they need too much water)

(For example Northern Tunisia along mediterranean is actually fairly fertile and temperate while southern is full desert.

Thankfully most of Tunisia is hard packed sand desert and not loose sand. Hard packed sand and rocky hills. (Being a lover of WWII tactics, Tunisia is perhaps one places I have studied the most (since that is where bulk of the war in africa was fought)

I second the motion for a single simple lab to accompany us.

Simple lab is good. It might be a good idea to stock up on the paper, quills, and ink. That might be harder to come by.

I would hope we would have a wine camel.

QC, I was thinking Akoe could cast Beast of Outlandish Size on a camel for Sinmore. Might be better to make sure she has a mount in case we've got to beat a hasty.

I was thinking also Akoe could try to use ReAn on the camels to try to get them use to the Gifted folks. Anyone got an idea on the level of effect that would be necessary?

I noticed we had a wiki. Any chance we could get a map with scale for it up on the wiki so we can actually decide where we want to go first?

Hmmm.... I'm guessing people got lost in the American holiday?

I'm guessing so Kerry.

Or just that, given the slowdown due to the above, there's not much to add unless someone has something else to say.

Who has and/or read Realms of Magic?

Found some neat things, especially about alternate vis...stuff. Can we use it in the creation of our Covenant? Can we please huh, can we, can we?!

On a serious note, I think the simple lab is a decent idea, plus if we won't have labs to use for a bit we can still study vis.

If we could get the camels to actually carry us (despite the Gift), I figure a camel could lift Sinmore, but not much else probably.

I've got Realms of Magic, but haven't read it yet. I got Hedge Wizards at the same time and am perusing that.

I want to build a camel. A Bigger. Stronger. Better camel. Seriously though, I was thinking about trying to "create" a camel or mount for each player. One strong enough and big enough for Sinmore. One regal enough and fire proof enough for Sekhemet. It would give Akoe something to do, and maybe breeding mounts might be a way to generate some $$$ for the Covenant. Can't think of much else we could trade out here.