OOC: preplay discussion

How much of an entourage will we be able to bring?

I swear I mentioned this once before, I'll see if I can find it in my notes or if it's just a figment of imagination.
Right now, I'm thinking up to 4 grogs come with. And then beyond that you need to dip into the 75 bps coming with you or the 250 for the covenant, although those grogs would already be at the covenant.
4 is definitely safe, and I'll see what I can dig up otherwise.

It's possible you did and I just missed it/forgot. Four works for me.

Will be working on bp after I get my character and the lineage finished up.

Ahh, here it is from the covenant discussion thread, wasn't very clear to have up to 4 grogs coming with...

And let's not forget companions, although that works a bit differently, since a magus companion will be played by another player...

Gift of the New Body
MuCo 10
R: Touch; D: Sun; T: Ind

As Disguise of the New Visage, but allows Fiona to utterly change the body shape/size/gender/features of the target (e.g. turning a tall, skinny man into a Rubenesque woman).

This is actually a shade easier than Disguise of the New Visage, due to the Target being Individual rather than Part.

The Seat of Nature
MuHe 20
R: Touch; D: Sun; T: Ind

Turns any plant, bush, or tree of up to 10x larger than 1 pace cubed into a chair, bench, or couch.

Base 3, +1 Range, +2 Duration, +1 Size (vis. Am5 p. 135 & p. 113), +1 turn into treated/finished material.

The guideline for Rego Imaginem for level 15 says "Make an object appear (to one sense) to be in a location to which the caster has an Arcane Connection."

Sooo...off the top of my head:

Go Ahead Spock
ReIm 30

R: Voice, D: Diameter, T: Individual
Makes the speaker's voice appear to be coming from the arcane connection at the other end. (This works best with a matched pair of Arcane Connections).
Base 15, +2 Voice, +1 Diameter.

Hmmm....that doesn't seem right. Seems kinda low...like maybe there should be a magnitude (or more) for the Arcane Connection part. But on the other hand, for it to work correctly, both magi would need the spell.

Might be a right nice pair of Invested Items. Perhaps a pendant or brooch, and the enchantment is activated by tapping it.

Yeah, you didn't interrupt, I completely missed this...
If you don't care about hearing back...

If you do care about hearing back...the InIm Lvl 20th spell int he MRB The Ear for Distant Voices

So you need an AC to your target, you probably need to also fix it. Then you can talk for about two minutes. Rather you think, the other person hears you inside their mind, and they can respond back by speaking.

I had indicated I wanted to limit spells to the MRB and the sourcebooks and the Grimoire. Spells like this could be possibly available as lab texts to be brought with you. I'm considering waiving this requirement for up to 60 levels of spells, though.

Ah. Missed/forgot that part. Never mind, then. eraseeraseerase

Never happened. :smiley:

Fiona had approached her mater to create her Longevity Potion when she was about 33 or 34 (a year or two before she needed to make Aging Rolls, but since she had decided long ago not to put a child through what she went through, she wasn't that bothered about it). Fiona offered to pay the vis, to assist in the lab for the season, and to give another season of service in exchange for the potion. Her mater agreed.

Unfortunately, due to Fiona's heritage, she has been cursed with the Difficult Longevity Ritual Flaw...which barely offset the Age Modifier penalty.

About five years ago, Fiona (who is currently 50) approached her mater again, with the same offer. With the same results...although this time she did get enough of a bonus to offset her Age Modifier...for now.

Yet another reason for her to head to the Continent. She has plans, and doesn't really have time to spend dying. Maybe here, she can find someone who can either find a way around her difficulty, or is powerful enough to bull over it.

(not sure what that's going to do to her xp expenditure, though...looks like it might cost her a year's worth, maybe?)

Doh! I liked those spells! and they didn't seem unbalancing... I hope Jonathan decides to ok up to 60 lvls, so you can take them. (Hint! Hint!) :smiley:

Actually, I understand wanting to limit the spells to the official sources - not because new spells are likely to create imbalances or break the rules - the system is pretty robust, that's one of the best things about ars - but just because as an SG it's a pain to have to read them all.
But obviously if you wanted to read them all... :smiley:

Two major Hermetic Flaws? Rigid Magic and Difficult Longevity Ritual?
Are you a masochist?

Well there's the issue that these spells are essentially learned. Remember you've been held back a bit in your covenants, didn't have time to conduct adequate research to invent new spells, or something. That's the story reason. Then the game reason well, it is difficult to vet a lot of spells coming in at one time. And the items that people want also need to be investigated. Would you rather I allow spells instead of items? :smiling_imp:

haha, no, I totally understand that - endless vetting of other people's often slightly dodgy creations is one of the least rewarding aspects of being SG.

Our job as players is to make life difficult for you though, no? (kidding!)

MetaCreator does make it a bit easier, though.

On an unrelated note, I believe it is safe to say that Pralix is out. So the players in play are qcipher, Jonah, Mad Max and Peregrine_Bjorner.
If you're going slow waiting for Pralix, don't. We'll proceed without her. If she does show up (unlikely based on communication I had), then we can work her in, somewhere. It was a very interesting character concept and would've liked to have pursued it, just to see how much conflict it could cause.
I'd like to get characters done as soon as possible, move onto the 250 bps, then the 75 bps done really soon, like a week. Is that an unrealistic goal?

Well, that kinda sucks. I hate losing a player, especially this early in the game. Hopefully she can get things worked out/resolved to where she can come back. (not that I'm biased toward the name or anything :stuck_out_tongue: )

I'm off tomorrow (but have a couple of errands to run here in the hamlet), don't work past 11am the rest of the week, and as best I can recall Dad doesn't have any doctor visits until next Monday (barring any more er visits). Sooo....I'm thinking maybe?

(I had forgotten how time-consuming making a good character can be in Ars...I've just now gotten her through puberty I mean apprenticeship. But it should be clear sailing from here, right? Right?)

I took the pesky spell design problem away, so plenty of time to be spent on other things. :laughing:

Yup, that's sad to lose a player. But maybe someone else will turn up.

As for the timing, that seems fine from this end. This stuff is fun, so I end up spending much more time on it than I should... And I plan to continue doing that this week :smiley:

This is fine, btw.
Yeah, it's a year of lost xps it looks like to me.