OOC:PrePlay - Reboot 1261

I will open this up for any questions and as a place to pass on some information.

As I have said, this will not get up to speed until after the holidays just because of everyone's time constants. So no rush in finishing up magi.

A couple of things:

Our wiki/tracker of many things: the-oppidum-of-h-viz.obsidianportal.com/

If you have an account on Obsidian Portal send me your user name. I think I can send an invite with just an email address but I do not remember.

Vis tracker sheet
Magi Tracker:

I have a couple of google docs that I will share with everyone. The Vis tracker is to have a record of the vis at the Oppidum so we know what is coming in and what is going out. The Magi tracker is a spreadsheet used to track the activities of the magi ( and apprentices/companions if needed) for seasonal activities.

I had some open threads when I had to stop. Two of the magi did not come back. The other two (Ophelia and Zoltan), I will wrap up in story form.

Of the two other magi, One (Diotima ex Jerbiton ) disappeared while investigating what appeared to be an old temple on the grounds of the Oppidum. The other ( Eve ex Verditius ) was summoned to Lycaneon by the senior Verditius in the Tribunal. She flew off to go there and was never seen again. The Oppidum has a bad reputation now as these one other magus was killed and another disappeared from the first Hèviz Oppidum in 1226.

Tying up old threads:

Zoltan gets 8 xp for Fragile things. All grogs with Zoltan get 5xp.

Ophelia gets 8xp for Market Forces All grogs with Ophelia get 3 xp.

Writes on what happened in the threads to follow

And we can advance through the rest of 1260? Ophelia's story was in the summer, so she'd have two seasons to advance to 1261.

Yes. We will start at 1261 council meeting to cast the Aegis.

I edited Zoltan and added xp to him, 5 for Faerie Lore and 3 for Area Lore, the covenant grounds, not enough to get it yet.

I can edit the grogs that I created, but can't edit the grogs that others made. Survival, Area Lore, Awareness, and perhaps combat ones would be what I suggest.

Question: Can you use rego mentem to put to sleep creatures that don't have to sleep? I.e. do creatures that are not susceptible to deprivation even have the mental state "asleep"? This is kind of crucial to my concept, because I was thinking that my creature tamer Arktos would rely on sleep to capture critters, but if that doesn't work on most of them then I'll have to rethink things a little.

If there's a duration greater than Momentary to the spell, I'd say yes.

i agree with JL. You would have to hold them in sleep with the spell.

Thanks! I'll have to change a few things anyway, but not much.

Another (stupid) question that I can't find an answer for: If two spells conflict, is it level or penetration that decides which one prevails in situations where it's not stated in the guidelines as with Vim? I want Arktos to be able to function within ring/circle sleep spells of his own making, and I thought I'll make a self-range spell that keeps him awake. But which spell prevails, the ring spell or the awake spell? Does it depend on the level of the effect (i.e. 15-level ring beats 5-level awake effect) or on penetration (the other way around)?

Sorry if this is obvious, but I just can't find it.

Might I instead suggest a bit of spell mastery with a spell of the base effect to which you wish to be able to resist, and pick Magic Resistance. Your MR total for the effect then becomes 2x (Parma*5 + Mentem). Chances are that you won't be able to penetrate your own resistance, unless your Rego is stronger than your Mentem and even still...

Excellent. Thank you.

Great thing about Ars, there are about 10 ways to skin a cat, and 90 ways to throw it.

[strike]I would like to give Arktos' marmot familiar a power that it can use to intervene in dreams, taking inspiration from the minor mystery virtue Dream Magic in Mysteries Revised pp. 102-104. Is it ok to use the guidelines on p. 104 to design the familiar's power?[/strike]

Edit: Also, if a magus Blackmails a muggle (say, a noble), is that a Code breach?

Edit 2: Disregard my dream question, I think I'll do something else instead.

Well, it could be. The part where it becomes an issue is where it brings ruin upon your sodales. So, if you were blackmailing someone (say a local noble) and it was causing him to run afoul of Tremere interests in the area, you'd probably be in breach.