OOC schedules

Not too critical yet, but if you will be away from the game for RL reasons, please post that informatio here, when you expect to be back, and what you would like done with your character in the meantime (have someone else run them mid game, sequester them in the lab, etc.

I'll be gone this weekend, leaving tonight. Back Sunday. Will check my threads before I go, though we seem to be in creation still.

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I'll be with family through the evening of Jan 2. I should be able to post daily depending on our schedules. Most of it is hanging out, playing games, etc. Just awareness in case I miss a day.

I'll be for a week for my youngest's senior year spring break trip. I may pop online from time to time but will be slow for sure. But back a week from today April 22.


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I'm technically on vacation at a family reunion until late July 11.

I'll do my best to stay up to day and current on the game, especially since it's gone "south" so quickly, so to speak. LOL

I will be out of town and only sporadically able to check in from the 23rd until the 31st of July. I'll be traveling with my partner out of the country.

I'm driving across the US with my daughter to get and her car to college! Tacking on some vacation to visit my almost 96-year-old father (good longevity potion!).

I'll be checking in but may be slower than normal to respond.

Get yourselves to Europe safely. :slight_smile:


I will be slow to respond for the next week (until Sunday, September 4, 2022).


Been out due to illness. Should be back in action tomorrow


I am going on a 2-week vacation to the Iberian tribunal tomorrow.

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Best of luck with that. Try not to get caught between a sahir and a flambeau.

I'm back, I'm jet lagged, and I'll try and catch up on the RP.