[OOC] Table Talk, Volume One

It's a very weak Aegis for a Winter Covenant, unless there's some explanation for why it's no longer what it once was.

Perhaps the original casting tablet was lost, or the ReVi specialist who knew the spell is no longer. In either case, this could be a "quick fix" by someone less qualified, a two-season panic sort of solution with a lab total of less than 45. (Still pretty weak, no doubt.)

Winter Covenants often have things "lacking", much less than what they once were in their history - the trick is to explain how that came to be, so it makes for a believable story - or at least one that doesn't chafe the reader. :wink:

I modified Jonathan so that he has no Longevity as of yet :slight_smile:
I also took off a few points of warping because of that.

OK, cool. Where do you see this going? Do you want to just narrate the date? Play it out? If so, why? Do you see this character becoming important? Or do you just want to go off camera a bit until we get to something more your style?

On a completely unrelated note, don't let my posts interrupt any conversation between Nonna and Winds. A bit of fragmentation is inevitable when all the magi are confined to one thread. I'll give us room to stretch out soon, I promise.


Well, I guess I go to change clothes first and see the note on my bed. Meeting at midnight. What time is it now? Do I have time for both? I was thinking of skipping the meeting, but the note seems ominous.

As for going off camera, I am a spotlight hog! I just figured Jonathan was chaffing from the social stiffness of the setting (and as he is not as intelligent as the other magi, some of it was over his head).

As for Rosa, she is potentially important, or potentially just a meaningless extra. Jonathan was just looking for a self-excuse to escape the akward social tensions.

This is a very reasonable question, and it deserves a good answer - and as soon as I get one from the SG, I'll give it to you. 8)

Knowing Falls, I'd say "make it up" - which do you prefer? This is our covenant, after all, so we get to shape it.

Yeah, thanks, I'd be happy to, but it's not that simple, and what would best fit Ilmari may contradict other assumptions (or even believability), depending.

So I need to negotiate and find a middle ground between that and the basic expectations re the Covenant.

It's all good. Didn't know if anyone had worked this out before hand other than Korvin. We can just consider it answered in an "Offstage" post and come back to it later if you like.

Would Ilmari need some special accomodations or want something like an elk skin tent or such? Just curious.

Hey all!

If you need to describe something, feel free to paint the broad strokes for now however you like, and we'll worry about the nitty-gritty later.

Mark, assume you can find Rosa and she's reasonably open to your advances. I'll leave it to you to decide what happens from there (if you want to play it out, narrate it, etc). You do have enough time for a short date before the council meeting.

I'll give it a bit more time if you want to finish your discussions, investigate your notes, check out the village or the covenant, go on a date (in Jonathan's case), or anything else. I'll move things along again within the next day or so.

Why, you have one handy that you're not using? 8)

(Ilmari lives at the Covenant.)

Mine's made out of zebra skin. Apple's sanctum got pimped a while ago 8)

That would be the -0 Gaudy Flaw, I take it? 8)

Eef - er... If anyone is having trouble translating Ilmari, just ask - or don't. It's all English - er, Latin... well, bad Latin... Maybe it's better if you don't understand all of it...

Or ask him IC. (I dare ya...) 8)

It's much more fun to guess what he's saying. It's like a daily Jumble, Finnish style. Apple's just trying to figure out how to get Ilmari and John into an argument about turnips. Now that would be entertainment.

I was under the impression that Ilmari just arrived.

:laughing: I played it like the whole turnip conversation was way over his head, and he was getting frustrated by it. And actually, it is kinda over my head as well. What was the symbolism of the turnip conversation?

None really. Apple was not impressed by J.'s flashy entrance and went about eatting his dinner. I think Winds was playing along to also show she was not impressed. I just picked "turnip" because I couldn't think of something else they would serve at dinner back then.

I just liked John's IC reaction. I thought the gravy stain was a hoot. That's all.

He is an interesting character and fun to play :slight_smile:
His personality is very much different from many other characters I have created as of late.

I. showed up late to the dinner, and did not join it. He knew Jacopo by name. Jacopo knew him likewise.