OOC Talk - Wild and Rambling

We start one week hence :slight_smile:

16.sep. 2009 in other words :wink:

This should give us time for re-arranging Magi sheets (Go right ahead Archimedes) and for posting of Grogs (please make one each posted in the new "Grogs" thread)

Other things missing? Let me know! :smiley:

Bulba is ready but what about his lab? Shall I assume that it is a standard lab of standard size until something change?

Mad Max,

Do you have Covenants? I allow free virtues and flaws to be added to your lab (max upkeep +1). :smiley: (Size +1 labs for future use)

Yes I do. :smiley: I got all the books and they are fun to use. A&A is one favourite.

ROF: I wonder, did Ovarva say anything to you about dropping out? Since you created no character threat for him.
Or is he still undecided on his mage?
It would be sad to lose a player this early.

Fine, iΒ΄ll be ready to start soon. Got a few questions over in the covenant section though.

Mad Max: I already created a lab for my mage. If you wanna get some inspiration: https://forum.atlas-games.com/t/card-board-games-archive-links/116/1
The virtue Enchantment would probably affect most labs of our covenant since the whole covenant is a great work.
By the way, does A&A say that a mage can take magister in artibus too? Since the basic rulebook doesnt allow any other social status besides hermetic mage. Sadly i dont own any 5th ed. books besides the core rules, have to borrow them from session to session from my RL storyteller....

Any other restrictions on the lab? Or am I totally free so long as I keep max +1 upkeep and size and only free virues/flaws. I assume that Bulba would like to have a separate building so that he won’t be cast out from this covenant to and perhaps some cool experimentation equipment. I’ll begin write on my lab when I get back. I will be travelling this weekend.

Any suggestion on what reputation Bulba may have aquired or has his former soldaes kept quiet?

I took a separate building too and i think it fits the saga. Since the covenant was mainly built with wood, i dont see it having high towers or a large manor house. Rather multiple smaller buildings scattered across the landscape.

Concerning Bulba, reputations do normally exaggerate things and i wouldnt want my mage to be known as "dangerous to be around" or "incompetent".
Maybe "reckless researcher"? Or "reckless lab rat"?

Zlorfik and Mad Max...the covenant is one main building with several minor lying close by connected by tranquil walkways over small waterfalls, or supported by ancient oaks, a seperate building is okay, just don't expect it to be a mile away from the rest :smiley:

Regarding reputation, how about "Hazardous in a Lab 1" :wink:

According to an early post, ROF said we had been at the covenant for two seasons; later there was the suggestion that we may have been there longer. Any final decision? What season are we in as Aristarcus arrives?

Also, should we have a separate thread for Chapter 1 OOC?

as we moved on with "easy character creation" the verdict is: two seasons.

The season is very early Spring, 1220 A.D.

I just assumed these two seasons, in Magnes' case, were spent setting up a standard lab.

We use standard correspondence rules ROF?

I am actually still thinking about that, but the rules will be ready for the first seasonal jumps forward.

Are we dead?

I hope not. IΒ΄m still here and i think we are all waiting on anything from ROF.

Still here. Still waiting...

Still here, but where has ROF gone?

I hope everything is ok with ROF, but I guess we should get ready to declare this one dead?

It's been a month since she showed up at all... :frowning: