OOC Talk - Wild and Rambling

This thread is for anything non-Ars Magica related, which you can't keep your trap shut about 8)

How about making this just regular OOC talk, not concerned to the characters?

Anyway, Archimedes says he's trying to get access but can't.. I think you need to approve him ROF?

Also, might we need to setup a thread for House Rules? I don't think we have decided on any yet but...

Also, how long has the lotharingian tribunal existed for? And what are all the other covenants involved again?


When will we start? Perhaps we should set a date so that this saga can take off.

Good Idea!

Do you want me to just fling out a date, or are there suggestions?

How about October 1st?

That way we still have some time to flesh out characters, and at the same time we don't stall too much.

Do we need to do anything to flesh out the covenant more? The list of summae looks okay, but I think we get a few more points of stuff. (I am not sure what I would want, yet.) I know this is a new covenant, what kinds of things would be available?

Even though I am ready to go I just have to do a new write up of my slightly disaster prone bonisagus october 1st would work. Do anyone have the drawing skills to make a map of the covenant and should we flesh a few things out. How large is our aura and so on. Bulba will create a grand laboratory once he invent a spell to make a nice structure...

Right. the date set is October 1st.

By this date magi are to be done, library, covenant-info, grogs - anything basically :slight_smile:

Everyone kosher with that :slight_smile: ?

Hey, i´m back.
October 1st sounds good to me. If everyone is ready before, we might start earlier, but else this should give eveyone enough time to get everything in order.
Better have a few days more then being in a hurry.

October 1 works for me as well.

Hi folks!

Not wanting to attack anyone, just wanna know where we´re going. It seems to me that the other new saga "Falling Leaves", where half of our group are also active, is brimming with action while our game just drags along to october 1st, our supposed start date.

As far as i see, all mages are done now, mine being the last to finish, although Ovarwa has not posted his to our forum yet. Do you want to keep him unchanged Ovarwa or adapt him? Or something entirely new? I think you mentioned all this as options. Dunno how far it is to the sea, but at least we´re not on the coast.
What about you ROF? Your creating a beautiful character in the other game and in ours you got your mage stripped down to a minimum number of virtues and skills. No need to change?

The question is, what more to do? I posted some questions about a covenants charter to the covenant thread last week but got no answer.
Do we need to detail the covenant more?
Do we want to make companions? So far noone mentioned anything about it.
What about grogs? Do we want/need to detail them in advance? Its just 5, so each of us does one and we´re set, shouldnt take too long.
What other things need to be done?

I know we set a start date thats still more then 3 weeks away. I just wanna know where we are and whats going on.


Perhaps we should start early if most of us are ready to go. ROF have to decide what we need to do. I think that we should start with magi and make the rest when there is a need for companions and such like.

Hello all,

First - this game has been neglected by me - and you all have my utmost apology for that!

Second, I am still hooked on it, yet needs a little time to think before we start regarding story etc.

Also there are some things missing or at least missing to be thought about.

  1. We start "now" (soon), nothing more added than the first story.

  2. We discuss whether we need/want companions, fleshed out grogs etc. now

  3. We do it slightly like "Falling Leaves". Say that all the magi have been apprenticed there/moved there after their Gauntlet, expand upon Books and Summae, make the covenant an Old spring covenant or a young Summer covenant, thus the Magi can use their max 10 years (thinking of using a simple die here for every player IF we choose this approach) to customize much more than already done.

What do you think?

Not sure on what the falling leaves method means. Shall we take a few extra years for our magi? Also I would like a suggestion for a reputation for Bulba or has his magical work been forgotten?

Mad Max and others :smiley:

"Falling Leaves" method is just refering to the saga "Falling Leaves". Basically the magi have been at the covenant for all their years since Gauntlet, and not just journeyed there. A similar method could used here, expanding upon the relationship our magi would have with Almelo

Sounds fun and more characterfull. I am prepared to reverse Bulba if needed and write him up for new.

ROF, i try to follow the building of the other saga, lots of interesting characters and ideas, a good read even when not being a part of it. I can understand your enthusiasm :wink:

Concerning advancement im ok with keeping things as they are. I dont think it would change the story too much and it would be additional work for everyone. Since the focus is supposed to be on intrigue and political maneuvering, these things are not suited for simulation i would say. But if most you wanna do this im of course ok with that either.

Concerning starting sooner or later i will post a grog the other day and i think i´m for deciding on a covenant charter. But companions could be added as needed.

Other thoughts?

I'm up for making Almelo a young covenant, perhaps formed by a few (if not all) of us and start from there. Our 10 years out of gauntlet have been done and characters that old are perfectly suited to start a life of their own!

I also think making the 5 grogs is no problem at all, and that we should do without companions for now, and maybe introduce them later as the story advances.

Again, while I did say October 1st (for whatever weird reason), I meant September 1st and I'm more than ready!

I am eager to get going as well, but have had second thoughts about a couple aspects of Saevitius after reading HoH:S. If everyone else is ready to go, I'll live with what I have. In particular, I was thinking about rearranging my flaws to accomodate Beloved Rival, but I know that might change story ideas. (I am also working on a little more detail to character background, including participation in a cabal, but that's minor.)

ROF - can you let me know if it would be okay to rearrange a bit? I should be ready to post the revisions within the next couple of days.