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As my magus concept, I'm leaning towards a Gentle-Gifted guernicus. Any objection?

Your character, your choice. Having at least one gentle gift will help to explain why they get on with the village so well.

@all: create character generation threads!

Well, that is as much a question to the other players as to you. For some reason, many players see having a Guernicus as part of their covenant as a damper on their fun. :laughing:

So if one of the other players has a problem with having a Guernicus, I can come up with a different concept. I always have a few of those rolling about in my mind. :smiley:

I play a Guernicus in my home saga, and it's not her fault that the Code has made fun illegal!

I'm totally fine with a Guernicus in the House. Esse is law-abiding, if secretive.

Not a problem for me. The concepts are different enough not to crowd one another.

Is anyone of you a local. That would grant you the dependents (family) flaw!?

I have Mentor, and the usual rule is no more than 1 Story Flaw. So no dependents for me!

I'm thinking of doing a bonisagus necromancer perhaps with the obsession of bring a loved one back to life through a rather miraculous breakthrough. Either that or some form of flambeau as they're always fun to play.

If you want to bring a loved one back to life, you'd be a great candidate to be from this area, and have family here. Like, your wife is dead, but your kids are still here. Something like that.

It's an idea, not overly interested in taking care of children in game however

Magi are the medieval 1%. "barely able to support dozens of people out of my pocket change" is considered a story flaw.

Taking care of children? Pfft. That's what minions are for. :slight_smile:

That's a good point actually, just get a grog to do it while daddy does his important work

Note: important work may or may not include finding the bottom of a bottle

Things start getting interesting when the magus starts getting older under the benefit of a longevity ritual, and sees his family getting older much faster than he does. Starting to provide a dozen family member with LR can put a severe strain on his resources, while watching them get old and die is an emotional hardship. But then, it is a major flaw.

I basically have a character I'm just waiting to post until I can think of a character name.

I'll probably post a draft of my char later today, It'll be a Tremere signaler so imaginem mostly and secondary mentem probably. Hopefully there won't be too much overlap.

Ask Arthur.

Out of hand I don't see a problem with overlap. I'm assuming he will be more interested in the Creo and Rego side of it?

There may even be some synergy between the two characters.

indeed he's more of an illusionist, In fact all techniques are interesting in imaginem.

He's not focused at all on intelligo but still he will make InIm spells.

The description of the signaler states "speeds communication" so there will be spells like "Summoning the distant image (InIm 25)". Indeed CrIm spells can create distant images/sounds but such a spell seems necessary have a 2 way communication, that being said I don't really see your character developping such spell.

To list overlapping spell I can see between our characters in the development:

the very common (imho not an issue) : - Invisibility spells / wizard's sidestep / open invisible tunnel and it's variant

Those that might conflict :

  • InVIm The Invisible Eye Revealed
  • Discern the Images of Truth and Falsehood (I'll probably ask for yours at some point if I see you use it, but you have access to the more potent "The dicerning eye" if you want to avoid the problem)
  • InIm to improve senses (eye of the eagle for example) you might want it to find evidence ?
  • MuIm to improve reaction to mundane (like aura of ennobled presence)
  • MuIm to disguise
  • PeMe to make people forget of you/ things like "agnosia" in HoH:S
  • CrMe to speak in mind

other than that honestly I don't see much of a problem

(edit forgot half of a sentence :wink: )

Very few of the spells you mention will be of interest to Cornelius. It will probably only be the InIm and InMe which will interest him. Since he has Gentle Gift, he won't need disguises as much as other magi, nor will he be worried as much about mundane reactions to him. He'll rely on being generally unconspicuous.

As I said, no overlap issues.