OK, I'm thinking about starting next week if we have everyone that will be joining us.

I'd like to take a roll call and see how many players we have. If we're only at 4 (including myself) then I'd like to recruit one or two more.

I know we have Ladyphoenix and Kerry Blue and should be Warjoski and Mad Max also. Does anyone know anyone that might want to join? I'm thinking of a total of 6 players maybe (including me).

She is Queasitor and reason to be in Stonehenge was a chance for being in covenant as her original one was sort of full up. That and fact that Stonehenge has had only a single quaesitor and that has caused a lot of suspicion and resentment (Lion of the North) that she can play the role of who guards the guardians (each other). Her mentor isn't that far considering ireland is short hop skip and jump distance wise.

That works well, and the single Queasitor angle makes a very good reason.

How do you pronounce the name?

It is pronounced: ShhiVann (http://www.forvo.com/word/siobhan/)

It is a very traditional Irish name.

OK here are some basic things about how I intrepret such things as NPC knowledge and reactions to wizards and such. For the most part there is no difference from the core, but I feel it's worth knowing. These are things that a beginning magus is likely to think they know.

The Gift
No one likes the Gift, including others with the Gift. You thank the good Lord that your Parens knows a trick to turn off that awful feeling you get around him and other wizards.

Peasants distrust and dislike those with the Gift. However certain personality types are willing to overlook it. Greed being the main one; you don't need to like someone to do business with them. Your master often said that if you can't have someone intervene for you, carry some silver, it doesn't work always, some people fear for the their soul more than desire silver. Nobles are more likely to put up with odious personalities as long as their rank is maintained. Nobles know they often have to deal with others they don't like. The church; all are God's creatures. All are sinful. You though...will be tolerated only in the presence of the truly pious, or curious. Tread carefully.

Peasants: What they know

Peasants know nothing of the Order. The only thing any peasant might know would be about wizards that lived near them, thus very few know anything. Those that live in or near Covenants know that wizards are dangerous and some live in Houses inside their towers. The only thing that peasants know that's even remotely in regards to the Order is that occasionally you might see a person in a red cap. Treat that person with courtesy, and kindly speed them on their way.

Nobles: What they know

Magi don't always differentiate between nobles and peasants. They're both Mundane. However they do know that it's not as easy, nor a good idea to order around a knight or noble or cast spells on them or in their presence. Nobles however do have wealth, fighting men, land and influence, things that can be valuable and worth trading to a magus (with the proper degree of seperation). Nobles don't know of the Order, but they will either know (or have access to some people that know) that wizards exist and can perform miraculous feats. Some very few know that for a high price they can buy powerful relics, tinctures and potions from people that claim they got it from someone who claims to be a wizard. Some very few are aware that there is large Order of wizards that are united and beholden to each other and extraordinarily powerful. What these nobles intend to do is unknown.

The Church: What they know

The Church knows the most about the Order. They're the few that know how to read and also have access to a variety of texts and correspondences. Plus they often act as scribes for the nobles and people in town, they keep written records which keep them on the pulse of life. Priests typically know that wizards exist. With some investigation they can likely find out there is an organization of wizards called the Order of Hermes that are beholden to each other with oaths of loyalty, and that they command magic that is truly powerful. Whether they believe that magic and wizards are inherently evil is unknown, but most err on the side of caution. There are some high ranking members of the church that may know quite a lot about the Order. There are dark rumors of secret sects within the church that are dedicated to investigating and possibly dealing with supernatural threats. In most instances church members base their knowledge and relationships upon any wizards they actually deal with.

Magi: What they know

The Stonhenge Tribunal is a Tribunal in flux. It has traditions that hail from the formation of the Tribunal with the coming of Pralix and the wars against Pagan Sorcerors and of course the legends of Merlin. Further traditions were formed due to the Schism War which was fought all over the British Isles. Mostly the Tribunal is dominated by the Covenant of Blackthorn, and only recently has that been challenged as other Covenants have tried to make themselves heard. Stonehenge is proud of these Traditions for the most part, but some are starting to see them as something that will hold them back or even embarass them in front of the other Tribunals. Few would understand for example why their Tribunal meetings are held a year after the others or why a Praeco was allowed to stay in power over that of a Primus of a House that was likely older than him.

The Mundanes are rising in power also, and the wizards are mixed on this. They do like that the nobility was forced to give concessions to the peasants, this showed them that they were not unassailable. They are concerned with the possiblity of being subject to Mundane law though, especially with how powerful and convoluted these laws can be. The Magi hope that the peasants and Nobles alike will be be too wrapped up in this new change that they will be forgotten. Many though are taking steps to secure (in a Mundane fashion) their rights to the land they inhabit and the resources they need.

Finally there is ancient magic in Stonehenge, and it doesn't go quietly into the night. There are also ancient grudges held against the Order from the wizards that lived here before the coming of the Order. The Pictish Sorcerors, the Order of Odin, other traditions that dwell on the British Isles. Finally, Stonehenge and Loch Leglean and Hibernia could be the last places that the destroyed House of Druids might still exist. Or possibly the staging point of their future revenge...

I started putting up my magi, will finish when I have a few more moments free time. Is there a book with the Characteristic specialties listed, or do you just come up with your own?

I would say come up with your own. If you're not raised in the Stonehenge Tribunal please put a reason in your history as to why you'd be coming to saty in Stonehenge and whether or not your Parens will be with you at the Stonhenge Tribunal meeting where you will be presented. If not then it is assumed that you will be providing verification that you have passed your gauntlet.

Salvete Sodales! Half in the bag and checking me stuff.

Have a happy and safe New Year!

OK, things are moving along. We have three magi done. A few grogs, some good ideas on the Covenant. I'd like to start next week, that means we need the rest of the Magi at least. Please post soon!

Happy new year.

OK, we have 3 PC magi, plus my own. I'd like at least 1 or 2 more. Does anyone know someone that might want to join? Should I open a thread to recruit?

I thought Max was going to play once he got back from vacation.

I certainly don't mind one or two more if you want to open a thread.

I do not know of anyone who would be interested in a PbP.

I'll try to have my last two Grogs up tonight.

My Verditic Miller was turning into a pain, so I switched to a Verditic Chandler. Hope that's alright. QC, I updated his posting with your suggestions, thanks.

Hope everyone had a good New Year.

I have a few people I know that I'm currently asking, but they're deciding still. Maybe I'll wait a day and see and then possibly post on the recruiting page.

OK, glad to see we have some more Grogs, and it's good to see we have a Shield grog now. We might need one or two more of those.

I received a PM from an individual named Falls who was lurking and saw my little comment about needing more players. This could save us the trouble of recruiting. Just having one more would be enough for now, and others might be able to join later.

What do you think?

I have no objection.

Falls is OK w/me

Hey folks!

Yeah, I find myself with a bit more free time on my hands, and the jones to play another magus. Plus, I won’t be creating a magus for the saga I’m starting (I notice a few of you are in that one as well :smiley:), so I figured this could fill that void. If you’re all OK with that, I’d love to join you.

Hop on board Falls

OK, Falls you're in. Please take a look at the creation rules and guidelines I established and post a magus as soon as you reasonably can. You don't need to worry about making Grogs as fast, but if you have some ideas and time for that feel free.

On an entirely related note I received another request from a lurker to join, name is Surefoot. With Surefoot and Falls I think we'll be in business. I'll close the roster after that except for Max if he's still interested when he returns.

If everyone's OK with that Surefoot and Falls can make their Magus and post, I'll try to start the story this week if everyone is mostly ready (minor details can be addressed and fixed during the narrartive as needed).

Once the Magi are assembled and getting ready to head to the Covenant, that would be a good time for the PCs to start assigning Companions to each other.