Welcome to the campaign of Vengeance Rides a Slow Horse!

Here is where OOC stuff will be discussed. I'll try to organize different threads to keep things tidy. Stop here and say Salvete Sodales!

OK, I have the 3 folders for the three types of characters in the game. Please post them when you're ready, they are subject to approval. If you'd rather let me approve it first before posting it there, send me a private message. I do want to approve all Magi and Companions, but Grogs I'm not too concerned about. This isn't an audition, everyone from the Burnt by the Sub game is in, I just want to check the concepts for potential issues. Please follow the standard rules for character creation for all types of characters, especially with regards to the amounts and types of Virtues and Flaws. I'm willing to make exceptions if you have a strong or compelling character concept.

If you want to make a special character such as a Mythic Companion instead of a Magus, let me know, by PM if necessary.

OK rules rules rules!

I follow the rules pretty closely, but some exceptions might need to be made, especially due to the play by post nature of the game, in order to keep things moving. We'll use the Invisible Castle Dice Roller, when you use it please post the results thusly:

[i]Lady Sinmore Rolled on: 2008-12-17 18:29:53.866268

1d10 → [9] = (9) Casting spell Ball of Abysmal Flame, casting total 32+9=41 [/i]

The link: invisiblecastle.com/roller/

Or something like that. Just to make it easy to read. If you need to keep it private sned it to me as a PM.

If developments occur that require changes I'll try to make sure you're notified in advance to take advantage of them or to avoid pitfalls. We can of course discuss those here.

Typically you'll be playing one character at a time, however it certainly can happen that you might have your magus and a grog servant to boss around. Feel free to do so, but perhaps make it obvious who is who if you're the one playing both. If the grog is taking more of a role it might be best to have someone else take over for that grog.

We will have IC threads for the different characters, feel free to chat away on those. When an Adventure starts that character shouldn't be in those threads unless he has some means of doing so (like a spell or item), their interactions will be in the adventure thread.

A typical adventure will consist of one Magus, that Magus's Companion, and Grogs as appropriate. It's intended (typically) for the Companion to assemble the Turb, which can of course be done in character, and then the other players will take the Grogs. This of course is not written in stone and variations can occur.

That's about it for now. Due to the holidays we might not start much in character stuff until after New Year's. But we might get on a roll, who knows.

Regarding Covenant creation stuff, that will come, but part of the campaign will be the in character building of the Covenant. Once I have a better idea of what is happening I'll be sharing some of the points for your individual contributions, and we'll have threads on that.

I was brainstorming a character concept, thinking up a character's driving goals and such, and I realized that I was trying to fit too much into one character, so I had to split the ideas up. Now I am wavering between two ideas, one of which is definately a Verditius, the other I am not sure what house as of yet. Either concept sounds like fun to me. I figure I would ask others opinons here, which might make the whole decision easier.

My concerns are if Warjoski is still thinking of a Verditius as well, that would put two at the covenant. I don't want to overpower the game or unbalance the covenant with too many Verditius. I would not expect to see two Verditius at a new covenant with so few magi from other houses. On the other hand, I think it would be fun to role play the interactions between the two as they grow in power and hubris.

Please tell me what you think, I would be more than happy to go with my other idea and save the Verditius for some other time.


We could both play Verditius and say we are involved in a Vendetta. That would make the council meetings interesting. :smiling_imp:

I'm in a similar boat. My two ideas are:

  1. A Verditius who is an Aquam/Muto specialist. He's fascinated with Water Wheels and wants to design a mill that he thinks might generate Vis

  2. An opptomistic Tytalus. That's it, but I just love the idea of Tytalus who gives lecturs on the power of positive thinking.

I am leaning towards the Verditius at the moment. However, I don't think two Verditius would be a detriment to the Covenant. In a tribunal like Stonehenge where there might not be that many of them, it might in fact be a boon.

If I do play the Verditius, he would be involved in a large project that would stretch over years of playing time. The Covenant might not even be located by a river (Hey QC, would it? Knowing ahead of time would help me make up my mind)

We would need to work out the concerns about Vis consumption and such, but that's part of the fun of role playing.

Unless your Verditius just wouldn't join a Covenant with another Verditius, I say go for it. We'll work out the kinks during roleplay.

We don't have editing rights on our posts I see.

I forgot to put in, Kerry, I agree. It might be fun to play them against each other as time goes on. I'm up for it if you are.

Two Verditius can work. In the first PbP I played in (Loch Cailti) I played a Verdi and so did someone else. Multiple Verditius can't really overpower a campaign or Covenant, they're limited by the Vis for the most part.

I'll see about getting the editing changed.

For me (I'll have a Magus just out of apprenticeship as well) I wanted someone that can easily stay in the background and basically be a lab rat/seneschal. That means either a Verdi (I won't take one) or a Bonisagus. I'll probably go with a Boni.

I hope you both have have access to the Mystery Cults book so you can take advantage of the Inner Mysteries for Verdi.

BTW the campaign begins in the year 1222 at the Fall Season in the Stonehenge Tribunal (Stonehenge is a year behind the other Tribunals).

You have convinced me to play a Verditius. :slight_smile:

I can't wait to play a vendetta, but I think we should allow our magi time to build up to that point. It would give us the opportunity in the beginning to work together to get the covenant up and running.

Did you have a Craft already in mind, Warjoski? I think the relationship between the two Verditius would degrade quite rapidly if they were of the same craft, and I am not sure if that is a good thing. I was leaning towards woodworking, but that is hardly definate.

I do have the Mystery Cults book, and on page 111 under Crises in the Order it talks about the limits in selling items to mundanes. Originally it was one item a year, but some tribunals have altered that (like the Roman Tribunal). I was wondering what the rules are for Stonehenge. One thought I had was a little dependant on how much my character could legally sell in a year.

That is a good issue to consider (the selling of items). England is actually a rich country with a mercantile mindset. It's with good reason that the provision for limiting magical silver production originated in Stonehenge. There should be plenty of potential for story elements and politicking if there's a sudden influx of Verditius and their wares in noble hands.

And the editing has been fixed, you should all be able to edit posts now. I'm going to start posting the magus I made and some Grogs also.

Well gang I am going for a long vacation over the holiday. I don’t expect to be able to post at all until somewhere before the 6th of January. Merry Yule/Christmas or whatever you wish to call the upcoming events.

I will begin constructing a character when I return. I am thinking at the moment of a transformed human Jerbiton magus who is somewhat at the odds with his house as he got a blatant magical air together with a few good things when he fell out of a boat in the channel one dark and stormy night. I like Verditius but three is just too much and I have other characters that are Verditius (look at Novus Mane).

I agree. Let's play it as it goes. It might be we get along better with each other than the others. Or it might be that the first time you cross me, the gloves come off! Bwa ha ha ha ha ha.

I think I'm going to go with the Mill obsessed idea. Wood working to some extent but his project is a large, grandiose masterpiece. I'll work up a draft of him and post it soon.

Mad Max,

Happy Holidays to you and yours. We'll see you next year.

Have a nice vacation Max and a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I'll be out of town during Christmas also, but might have a bit of internet access. As I said before, I doubt we'd be able to start anything meaningful until we're in the new year.

Post 'em when you got 'em!

Verditius are certainly popular. I've played a few so far.

My first was Alexius Cracker, he was a Veriditian toy maker with fearie blood (Knocker blood, this was during 3rd edition when there was more White Wolf ties). He had a very strange fate.

My next was Obesarus, a fat glutton, I was the alpha GM in that game, so he mainly stayed in the background...eating.

My next was Vulcantus. Again I was the GM, so he was meant to be in the background, he was a philosopher and covenant builder.

Then there was Fabrica Diabolica from the Loch Cailti PbP campaign.


Here's a very rough draft of "Miller", my Verditius. Hope it helps.

Characteristics: Int +3 (Deep thinker), Per +1, Pre 0, Com 0, Str +1 (Strong Upper Body), Sta 0, Dex 0, Qik -2
Size: 0
Age: 27 (27), Height: 5'7'', Weight: 160 lbs, Gender: Male
Decrepitude: 0
Warping Score: 0 (0)
Confidence: 2 (5)

Virtues and Flaws: The Gift, Inventive Genius (Invent Lab Totals: +3), Affinity with Muto, Affinity with Aquam,
Puissant Aquam, Puissant Muto, Reserves of Strength (Strength: +3 once/day), Masterpiece, Self-Confident (Confidence: +1), Hermetic Magus,
Verditius Magic

Hobbled (Penalty: -9 on moving quickly and agility, -6 Dodge and combat, double botch dice in combat), Driven (Complete his
"master projeect"), Prone to Chance, Dark Secret: Sells magic items illegeally

Abilities: Irish 5 (Farming Terms), Swim 2 (Strong Currents), Folk Ken 1 (Farmers), Bargain 2 (Begging), Athletics 1 (Crutches),
English 3 (Farming), Intrigue 1 (Buying and Selling), Architecture 2 (Mills) [Category: Buildings], Blacksmith 1 (Nails) [Category: Consumables],
Carpentry 1 (Framing Walls) [Category: Buildings], Masonry 1 (Walls) [Category: Buildings], Milling 2 (Millstones) [Category: Provisions],
Parma Magica 2 (Intellego), Magic Theory 3 (Enchanting Items), Latin 4 (Architectural Terms)

OK 3 grogs are posted for the group. One is a specialist grog, Glen Goodeye, a Welsh Yeoman, and excellent shot with the Longbow.

Tim Miller is the Newbie, a huge boy raised on beer and his father's stories of being a mercenary and life on the road. He carries a large pole arm and his father's armor.

Finally there is the crafty Grog. Jean-Claude, the surly and incomprehensible french chef. He is highly skilled and well rounded (in more ways than one).

You should follow a similar patern, with perhaps 2 combat oriented grogs and one skilled grog, but if you have good concepts that go outside the pattern, that's fine.

Remember, certain Grogs can have money saving and resource saving benefits on the covenant. A grog that can train others would be good as well as perhaps educated scribes.

One thing I've found while creating the Grogs is that there's not that many options for flaws. The rules say you shouldn't take more than 1 personality flaws, but what happens hen is that you have a freak with all kinds of physical or mental deficiencies. If you want to take 2 personality flaws go right ahead, though major ones probably shouldn't be chosen.

Alright! Merry Christmas all, I just got back from my vacation. A new magus has joined, that's great. Normally I don't allow the Educated virtue for Magi as it seems superfluous, however I never mentioned that, and more importantly, I like the background offered (it certainly makes it plausible).

Please come up with a reason for Siobhan (how is that pronounced?) why she will be in the Stonehenge Tribunal rather than Ireland (this doesn't need to be too detailed, you could simply say she was assigned there, but perhaps keep your Mentor flaw in mind). Also (for my purposes) what type of Guernicus is she? Quaesitor, Advocate, Hoplite?

Thanks! Let's see the other magi!