Open and closed rolls


Is anywhere stated in the rules, what exactly types of roll are closed and open? As far as I know it is only stated for initiative rolls (closed) while "most rolls are open". I am especially asking for fortune rolls / dices and fertility sorcery "harvest chi".

Right now I would handle it this way (according to rules):

Attribute test: open
Defaulting : open
Skill test: open
Fortune dice: open
Bonus dice (fertility etc): open
Initiative: closed
Rest: closed


Fortune dice (ie, the bonus positive die you add to a roll by spending a fortune point) are closed.
Initiative rolls are closed (and remember, when rolling initiative, you're only rolling a single die and adding it to your speed, rather than making a regular task check)
Arcarnowave mutation checks are closed.

I think that pretty much all other checks are open. The rule is that, unless the rules specifically state that a given check is made with closed dice, it's open.

Given that fortune dice are closed, I'd rule that dice gained from Harvest Chi are also closed, but as it doesn't explicitly state this it's really up to individual GMs to rule.

Can you tell me where this is described? I searched for it in all the books but never found it. I suspect I overlooked it somewhere.


The old FAQ has the information on Fortune Dice being closed.

It is in the combat section.