Open Ars Magica?

On, John Nephew has just floated the idea of an open-licenced Ars Magica SRD:

(The ORC licence is Paizo and a bunch of other game companies' proposed replacement for the OGL, if you've been following that mess)

I'm interested in this idea, and wondering what would be open-licenced. If its an SRD, that means rules only, not Mythic Europe, but if the basic Hermetic magic system is included, then that's enormous scope for people to write and publish the alternative modern / renaissance / roman settings they've always dreamed of.


I think that for Atlas to open up Ars Magica, specially in this movement we are having now, would be very beneficial. I would be interested to see how they separate Mythic Europe (the "lore") from the mechanics as the two are very interconnected. But outside of that, I think it would really help people take the "lore" and propel it into the modern/Renaissance/alternative era.

I think that this is a great time for them to release the book with updated language. I know many people who are interested in it, but the book is written less ideally. I think there is a opportunity here for them.