Open Call Still Open

I've had a lot more submissions since reopening the Open Call, but I could still do with a few more. Specifically, I'm five magi short of where I'd like to be. Thus, if you are thinking about submitting something, you still have a bit more time to do it.

Good luck!

Edit: Nevermind, I can read the sticky note above...

I have a question: the 5000-7500 words this includes all words from all versions of the magus (at age 25, at age 40, at age 55 ect)? And how old should the magus be? How long the description of what he experienced in his life? What about lab customization and someone from a mystery house?

Edit: and whats with Virtues/Flaws like Apt Student, Secondary Insight oder the Merenita Virtue Faerie-Raised Magic?


Old enough to create all the effects you include. Remember, the call is primarily for the effects, not the magus.

The paragraph or so on the magus's background, although a short explanation of what he spent his time on over each fifteen year span may be a good idea, especially if he does something non-standard.

All permissible. However, since, in most cases, you should be using the generation rules in the Characters chapter of ArM5, most of those Virtues will have no effect. Initiations and lab customization take seasons in the normal way, and reduce the annual pool of experience points.

Ok I sent a fay to the Atlas central yesterday (the one with Scipio ex Merenita). And now im waiting for an answer :wink:.