Opening invested items?

So, I knew the answer for this questions before, but for some reason, I can't remember. And I don't have the book with me. And sometimes I seem to mix up 4th and 5th editions of Ars Magica. :blush:

So, the short question is: is opening an item for enchantment a process done only once for each item, or would the magus have to do this before every season or seasons he intends to instill magic in it? Just can't remember what was correct in this issue, as invested items, for some reason, are very rarely made in our saga... :unamused:


You open once.

With the exception of some Mysteries.

Verditius Item attunement and the Great Talisman allow you to continuously open and reopen your creations. Serf's Parma, but I think that the Mystery of Reforging Enchanted Items also requires reopening when you've compressed the effects of an item sufficiently to open more space.

But with a Talisman, doesn't the enchantment spaces increase with your Arts? To increase, I guess you'd have to open the Talisman several times as you increase the Arts, right?


With a Talisman the spaces available are the spaces opened. That doesn't change. What does change are two things. 1) The maximum number of spaces opened is based on your best Arts combination, not on the size and material. 2) You can reopen it to open up more spaces later.