OpenRPG and Ars Magica

I'll soon be starting a virtual tabletop saga, and am at the stage of considering the tabletops. I'll probably go with OpenRPG, and was wandering if anyone had any tools, resources, advice, or so on regarding using it to run an Ars Magica game. I vaguely remember someone saying they had character sheets or something, but I ain't sure.

I'd welcome any other advice in general, too. :slight_smile:

[I chose OpenRPG because it seems to require little computer resources, is free, and is open. The best tabletop seems to be Fantasy Grounds, but I have rejected it for two reasons: A) It costs money. I'd feel very uncomfortable about someone paying to get a seat in my game. And I can't purchase a package for a GM plus 5 "seats". B) It uses propriety formats. Which means that any ruleset, macro, character sheet, or so on that we'll develop for it could not be reused in the future by someone else for another program. And that it's less likely to be readable, too. Bad idea.]

Honorius made fabulous character booklets which provide all the necessary space (and spaces) for the relevant data and record keeping. His last updates to it are linked to in the last post on page two of this thread...

The sheets I drew up for Enchanted Devices (which I should ultimately update with additional elements for craft magic and perhaps some of the enchantment related mysteries) can be downloaded in part here (those with the Ars logo) or by PMing me with your email addy for the alternate thematic version (which uses images which Atlas could not host for legal reasons). ...

Hope that helps!